Carpet Beetle Eggs

Carpet beetles undergo complete metamorphosis, passing through the egg, larval and pupal stages before developing into adult insects. Varied or black carpet beetles produce only one generation each year, while other species are capable of producing up to four generations per year.

Adult carpet beetles lay their eggs in warm seasons over a period of several weeks. Each female produces approximately three batches containing 20 to 100 eggs. Although carpet beetle populations can thrive outside, female adults can lay their eggs indoors, where food sources are abundant. Inside, eggs hatch often within five to 20 days, depending upon climate conditions and species.

Carpet beetle eggs are white or cream in color and measure 1/4 to 1/2 mm in length. Eggs have spinelike projections visible at one end and are distinguished by their oval shape. They can be found near upholstered furniture, closets, air ducts and lint buildups. Because they blend into their environments, carpet beetle infestations are rarely identifiable before the larval stage.