How Do I Keep Earwigs Out of My House?

When an earwig, either alone or in numbers, enters a house, it may be because conditions are harsh outside or because conditions are suitable inside. Since most earwigs like moist protected areas and rarely come into dry moving air, conditions must be just right for them to establish themselves inside.

As one visualizes these conditions, it might appear that no house or apartment is going to harbor conditions which would lead to earwig infestation; however, sometimes there will be leaks or even condensation in basements, and this will provide the wet and humid environment that earwigs prefer. If leaves have blown into an unfinished or even dirt floor basement, the conditions are perfect for earwig populations.

For homes with dirt floor crawlspaces, conditions are good for earwigs generally and if there is no vapor barrier down or if there is no dehumidification, the atmosphere in the crawl can lead to fungus and insects.

The most important task to keep earwigs out of a house is to make conditions inhospitable for their success. If the house has a crawlspace, install a vapor barrier and if there is still excessive moisture, take steps necessary to dry the crawl including dehumidification.

For earwigs that wander in because conditions outside are not hospitable, make sure that the door sweeps on the bottom of the doors fit tightly and that all foundation points do not have cracks. Install screens on weep holes in brick. Make sure that all window screens fit securely.

A little preparation and inspection a few times a year will keep earwigs from entering a house or apartment. Pest control professionals also can offer guidance and have tools they can employ to keep earwigs out of the home.