Brown Recluse Life Cycle

Brown Recluse Reproduction

Brown Recluse Eggs

Female brown recluses generate one to five egg sacs which can contain 31-300 eggs.  Eggs usually hatch in about a month.  Development from egg to adult is approximately a year.

Adult Brown Recluse Spiders

Young brown recluse spiders are slow to grow and may reach maturity within 10 to 12 months. Their development is influenced by factors such as food and weather conditions. However, brown recluse specimens are capable of surviving for extended periods without food or water.

close up of brown recluse spider Identification
  • Color - Adult specimens vary in color from dull yellow to tawny, dark brown. Younger spiders are lighter in color than adults. The abdomen of the brown recluse has no stripes or spots.
  • Size - Adults measure approximately 6 to 11 mm in length of body. At the widest leg span, their bodies are roughly the size of a United States quarter.