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Brown Recluse Spider Web

Many spiders are builders of spiral, wheel-shaped, symmetrical webs. Conversely, the web of a brown recluse spider is irregular and loosely constructed. Like other spiders, brown recluse spiders build their webs from protein-based silks, released from organs known as spinnerets. The strands of the brown recluse web are off-white in color.

Image of Adult Brown Recluse Spider

Image of Adult Brown Recluse Spider

The web of the brown recluse spider is not used to trap prey, as brown recluses actively hunt for food. The purpose of the recluse's web is to serve as retreat.

Whereas other spiders weave webs in strategic locations in order to capture prey, the brown recluse spins its web in undisturbed locations. These webs are commonly found in dry, dark areas such as attics, basements, cellars, closets, crawlspaces and ductwork. Brown recluses are also known to spin their webs in storage boxes, shoes, clothing, linens, papers, tires and beneath undisturbed furniture. Outside, they can be found under rocks, logs and lumber, as well as in barns, storage sheds and garages.


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