Do Springtails Bite?

Springtails are very small insects. They range in size from 0.25 to 6 mm. There are hundreds of springtail species in the United States and Canada. Most springtails live in damp environments such as in leaf litter and soil where they eat fungi, algae and other detritus that they find. Springtails get their name from the shape of their abdomen. Part of their abdomen forms a taillike appendage that scientists call the furcula. Most of the time, the furcula is locked under the springtail’s body. When it is released, it causes the insect to jump. Springtails can jump several centimeters at a time.

Many people discover springtails in their home and mistake them for something else. Many people assume these tiny jumping insects are fleas. Unfounded speculation has occurred that they infest human skin, resulting in skin irritation. Springtails are not parasitic on humans and are not known to actively infest living human tissue.

Orkin pest specialists are trained to identify springtails or any other pests that might invade your home. Using the exclusive Assess, Implement and Monitor system (A.I.M.), Orkin can develop a pest control plan for your home’s unique situation.

During a pest specialist's assessment, he or she can identify causes of the infestation and point out any structural or landscaping conditions that might allow pests to thrive around your home. During every follow-up visit, the pest specialist will be on the lookout for any new conditions that might allow springtails to reinfest.

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