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Natural Carpenter Ant Pesticide

Basic Information

Carpenter ants excavate wooden structures to nest and live, but unlike termites or beetles, they do not actually eat the wood that they damage. While there are several species of carpenter ants, red and black carpenter ants are one of the most common nuisances to buildings and homes.

Carpenter ant nests are difficult to locate, but their presence can be determined by looking for winged ants within the home and sawdust around wooden areas. When large colonies of carpenter ants infest indoors, check walls, pipes and electric wires for their nest. Sometimes, carpenter ant activity can be heard rustling from within a wall void. However, unless ants have already severely damaged it, there is no need to tear a structure down to eliminate a colony of carpenter ants.

Control Methods

Natural carpenter ant pesticides often are baits. These pesticides appear to be a sugary bait. Placed near trails to and from the nest, the bait is brought back to the nest by worker ants, where it is distributed to the queen, the larvae and other workers. At times, a colony will die within a few days as a result of these treatments. However, when satellite nests have been made in separate locations, effectiveness of the chemical could take longer, as workers have to carry the bait back to the entire colony.

Challenges of Control

Among the many carpenter ant pesticides available in stores, boric acid is one of the most readily available products for controlling carpenter ants and other ant species. Although boric acid can be an effective killer of carpenter ants, the bait mixture must be applied according to the label. Unless administrated correctly, natural pesticides will not be able to eradicate an entire colony.

Furthermore, due to the satellite nests and the potential for structural damage, it is best to contact a professional pest control service. Pest control professionals can combine chemical and nonchemical solutions to ensure that workers, eggs, larvae and the queen of a carpenter ant colony are exterminated.

Treatment & Damage

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