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Box Elder Bug Treatment

Boxelder Spray Treatment & Prevention

Boxelder bugs become a pest nuisance when they congregate on the exterior of buildings and eventually find a way inside to overwinter. While boxelder bugs are somewhat easy to identify, it is best to contact your pest management professional for treatment advice and recommendations since boxelder bug treatment must be an integrated program that includes both non-chemical and chemical spray methods.

Box Elder Bug Illustration

Box Elder Bug Illustration

Prevention & Exclusion

Exclusion is an effective, long-term treatment method even though it may be labor intensive. Since boxelder bugs become most problematic when they get inside buildings, keeping them out is vital. Some examples of important exclusion activities include:

  • Repairing damaged windows and door screens

  • Installing door sweeps on exterior doors

  • Installing or repairing screens in roof and soffit vents

  • Sealing holes or gaps around places where cables, wires or plumbing enters the building

  • Plugging gaps at doors, windowsills, roof joints, and fascia boards. Checking for and sealing gaps and cracks where different building materials meet. For example, where siding meets the brick exterior or foundation.

Chemical Treatments

However, there may be some locations where exclusion is not practical, so using chemical spray treatments (extermination) in strict accordance with the product’s label directions might be a necessary adjunct to exclusion, especially if large numbers of boxelder bugs are present and/or there is a history of boxelder bug invasions. The best time of year for using chemical products is late-summer and early-fall when boxelder bugs are first clustering around the outside of buildings. Also, if boxelder bugs do get inside a building, using vacuums rather than chemical methods is preferred.


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Box Elder Bug Treatment

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Box elder bug illustration

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