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What do Death Head Cockroaches Look Like?

Protect your home or business from death head cockroaches by learning techniques for identification and control.

Death Head Cockroach Illustration
Blaberus craniifer
Skull-like marking on thorax
Jet black wings
Emit strong odor


How do I get rid of death head cockroaches?

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Behavior, Diet & Habits

Death Head Cockroach Facts


Two different roach species are referred to as death head cockroaches: the Blaberus craniifer and the discoid cockroach. However, the Blaberus craniifer is considered the true death head cockroach. This species has a distinct marking, similar to a skull, on its thorax. The wings of the true death head cockroach are jet black. These insects also emit strong odors as a defense mechanism against predators.

The discoid cockroach is sometimes called the false death head cockroach. Their markings are much less elaborate than the true death head cockroach. Discoid cockroaches also do not have black wings. Neither species is capable of flight.

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