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Smokybrown Cockroach Eggs

Life Stages

Smokybrown cockroaches are one of the many peridomestic cockroaches found in the Gulf Coast, Atlantic Coastal States and California. These cockroaches, like other species, have three very distinct life stages – eggs, nymphs and adults.

Appearance & Incubation Period

Smokybrown cockroach eggs are deposited by the mature, fertile female cockroach in the form of an egg case that is dark colored, about 3/8 to half an inch long and contains approximately 20-25 individual eggs within the egg case. The female carries the egg case for about two days, then drops and glues it into protective areas she frequents. Eggs incubate in the egg case for about 50 or more days, depending upon temperature where the egg case is laid, and then hatch out and become first stage nymphs. So, should you discover a smokybrown cockroach egg case, always be sure to remove and destroy it.

Where to Look for Smokeybrown Roach Eggs

If the female smokybrown cockroach has moved from the outdoors to the indoors, locations where she will likely drop and glue her egg case include attics, walls, ceilings, floors and on drapes. Generally, a female smokybrown cockroach produces about 30 egg cases in her lifetime. In areas where cockroach’s populations are large, the female is apt to glue her egg case in a crack or crevice and cover the egg cases with debris to camouflage the egg cases.


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