Smokybrown Cockroach vs. American Cockroach

Difference in Appearance

Smokybrown cockroaches are similar in appearance, but are slightly smaller than American cockroaches and their entire body is a shiny, brown and mahogany color. The American cockroach is lighter colored along the edges of its body and also has a yellowish color on its body part (pronotum) directly behind the head. Another major difference in the two is the fact that smokybrown cockroaches are more attracted to lights than American cockroaches. They are also slightly smaller than American cockroaches.

American vs. Smokybrown Roach Behavior

Generally, smokybrown cockroaches are less mobile and not as quick runners as the American cockroaches. However, they are more capable of flying longer distances than American cockroaches. While smokybrown cockroaches may live in sewers, American cockroaches are more commonly found in sewers, steam pipes and utility tunnels.

The distribution of American cockroaches is more prevalent than smokybrown cockroaches.


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Smokybrown Cockroach vs. American Cockroach

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