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Gnats in Kitchen

Flying Pests in the Kitchen

Fruit flies and fungus gnats in kitchens are a common problem for homeowners. Both pests are a fraction of an inch long, black in color, and a major nuisance.

While kitchens are more of a hotspot for fruit flies, moisture that supports fungal growth in the kitchen may attract fungus gnats as well.

What Attracts Gnats to a Kitchen?

Damp areas rich in fungus draw fungus gnats indoors. While these pests will also gather around moist places that support fungal growth outside, homes provide a warm place to develop, mate, and lay eggs.

Fruit flies have a very keen sense of smell so finding fruit flies developing and feeding in the kitchen sink drain is common. Garbage disposals offer plenty of food scraps to lure them in.

Overwatered houseplants on kitchen windowsills, and fungal growth caused by leaky pipes under sinks may also attract fungus gnats.

How to Get Rid of Gnats in a Kitchen

While many people swear by home remedies or traps to get rid of gnats in the kitchen, these often aren't effective. Most methods use household products, like vinegar or red wine, to lure and trap adult fruit flies but the larvae and pupae are not attracted to such homemade traps.

Removing overripe fruit, emptying trash cans, and running garbage disposals regularly are better options to minimize the sources for development and reproduction of kitchen gnats.

Insect foggers may also get rid of gnats in kitchens, but this option is costly and time consuming. In addition, the chemicals in foggers can be dangerous if users don't follow instructions to the letter.

To avoid hassles and control pests safely, contact the professionals at Orkin to assist with gnats in the kitchen.


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