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Moth Damage

Extreme Infestations

Although homeowners seldom see moths around the house, it's not because the pests aren't there. Many moths simply prefer to gather in dark, undisturbed locations. It is while hiding in closets, attics, and pantries that infestations easily grow out of control and moths create costly damage.

Why Moth Control is Essential

Homes may face several kinds of moth infestations that affect different types of belongings.

Moth Illustration

Moth Illustration

Pantry Moths

Pantry moths damage stored grains, pasta, flour, and other foods. The pests hide inside packaged products, which they use as a breeding site and food source for their larvae. Moth infestations may spread to contaminate entire cupboards full of food.

Clothes Moths

When they feed, clothes moths damage fabric. Though the pests favor wool, they will consume anything from feathers to silk. They're drawn to food particles and other stains on fabric. Moth damage to clothes can set residents back hundreds of dollars.

In addition to leaving holes in garments, clothes moths damage blankets, rugs, and furniture. Since collected hair and lint also attract them, the presence of moths might hint at other pests nesting inside walls or attics.

Responding to Moth Damage

Homeowners can keep humidity levels low and fill any cracks or gaps in the building's exterior to prevent the pests from coming into homes. Also, if items that can potentially be infested by moths are brought into the home, it pays to inspect these items for damage or the presence of moths. However, once moths settle in and start damaging clothes or food, the best response is to call specialists. The experts at Orkin have the skills to remove these pests.


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