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Mouse Deterrents

Illustration of House Mouse

Illustration of House Mouse

How Do Mice Get Inside?

Residents often find mice or evidence of the damage they cause in houses. These rodents’ natural ability to gnaw, climb, and squeeze through small holes or gaps often help them enter sheltered areas of homes. These include:

  • attics

  • basements

  • garages

Before the pests move indoors, using mouse deterrents may help to keep them away.


In order to deter mice from entering an attic or crawl space, residents should first inspect the outside of the house. Mice enjoy easy access to the indoors through:

  • holes in roofing

  • uncapped chimneys

  • poorly sealed garage doors

  • ill-fitting screens

Be sure to fill all holes and create barriers to window and door openings. This is vital to stop the rodents from nesting inside.

Mouse Deterrents

Homeowners may be tempted to set up a mouse deterrent that makes the home unpleasant for these pests. Some common repellents include peppermint oil, mothballs, and ammonia. Promoters of these mouse deterrents claim that these methods release odors to repel the pests, but there is currently little proof these work.

Getting Rid of Mice

Mouse deterrents are not always effective. Certain methods, like mothballs, are toxic and can be harmful to humans or pets as well. Closing holes and gaps is a better method for repelling rodents, but it is difficult to find every possible entry point.

For effective solutions to mouse problems, especially if the mouse population Is well established and large, it will be necessary to contact the trained specialists at Orkin. Teams of pest experts will work to remove and deter rodents from the home and other places on the property safely.


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