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Yellow Jacket Bees

Are yellow jackets bees?

Although their yellow and black stripes are similar to those of bees, yellow jackets are not bees.

Is a yellow jacket a wasp?

Yes, yellow jackets are wasps and differ from bees in several ways.

Do yellow jackets kill honeybees?

Yes, yellow jackets are known to kill honeybees and other insects. They can eat the bees, the larvae and the honey out of the bee’s nest.

Are yellow jackets and bees aggressive?

Yellow jackets are known to be aggressive and very territorial. Bees on the other hand are usually not aggressive and will not harm you unless threatened. It is recommended to keep your distance when encountering these pests.

Bees vs. Yellow Jackets

What are the differences between a yellow jacket and bee?

  • The bodies of bees are fuzzier and more round in shape, while yellow jackets are smoother and thinner.

  • Yellow jackets' bodies are narrower between the thorax and abdomen.

  • Unlike bees, which have stingers with pronounced barbs and can sting only once before dying, yellow jackets are equipped with lance like stingers with small barbs that are capable of delivering multiple stings.

  • Yellow jackets are predatory and will consume other insects.

  • Yellow jackets are also scavengers of human food and can be found surrounding trash cans or picnic sites.

  • Yellow jackets also feed on nectar, but they depend primarily upon insects, meat and fish for nourishment.

  • Most bee species are significantly less aggressive than yellow jackets, which may sting at the slightest provocation.

How to Get Rid of Yellow Jackets

Yellow jacket treatment programs begin with a thorough pest inspection starting with the correct identification. The Orkin Pro will make sure that it is in fact yellow jackets and not another pest before starting any treatment. Yellow jackets usually build their nests below ground, but they may also build them in hidden, protected locations above ground. Once the nest is located, your pest management professional can use the most effective control products and methods to help eliminate the yellow jackets within the nest.

Contact your local pest control expert to help solve your yellow jacket problem.

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