What Does Termite Damage Look Like?

Termite damage can be as simple as scarring on a piece of paneling to serious structural damage. Most advanced damage appears in the form of leafed or layered damage as the termite prefers sap wood and leaves the heartwood when possible.

Severe Wall and Ceiling Damage

Termite Wall Damage

Ceiling Damage

Termite Ceiling Damage

Foam Insulation Damage

Foam Insulation Damage

Damage to Insulation and Wall

Wall and Insulation Termite Damage

Damage Under a Slab

Termite Damage To Large Slab

Drywall Damage

Termites Dry Wall Damage

Wall Damage Inside Home

Termite Wall Damage

Exterior Bay Window Damage

Termite Damaged Window


Dig Deeper on Termite Damage

Termite Wall Damage

What Wood Will Termites Not Eat?

Termites Under House Slab

Termites in Trees

How Do Termites Get Into Your House?

Termite Damage in Bathroom

Termites in Carpets

Termites and Paint

Termite Wood Damage

Termite Damage Signs

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