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Direct Wood Treatment for Termites

When termites infest wood, there are several options to reduce chances of further damage and spreading of the colony.

First, one can remove the infested wood, but that does not prevent further infestation of existing or even the replacement wood.

Second, a treatment can be done and this is the typical course of action. Treatment of the infested or potentially infested wood is called "Direct Wood Treatment". Direct Wood Treatment is termite management by treating the wood directly with a product designed to control termites.

Direct Wood Treatment works well for both subterranean termites as well as drywood termites. In the case of subterranean termites, the colonies are large and spread out. Sometimes, subterranean termite colonies occupy parts of a house, or multiple houses plus soil areas. Infested wood can be protected and preserved by applying direct wood treatment to the wood. This will control not only termites infesting the wood but will prevent future infestations. Use of a Direct Wood Treatment for subterranean termites is a good but limited application.

Use of a Direct Wood Treatment for drywood termites might be more successful in that drywood colonies are smaller and more compact. If proper inspections are done, infested wood members of a structure or even other wood items such as furniture can be identified. When this is completed, wood treatments can be applied to control drywood termites as well as to further protect the wood from future infestations.

When Direct Wood Treatment technology is used, usually holes are drilled into the wood to allow the control product to get to where the termites are located. If the product is applied under pressure, the product will move through the termite galleries and through natural crevices in the wood. In addition, surface applications may be made, but as a sole method, these products will not penetrate deeply.

Direct wood treatment has a place in an integrated termite control program.

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