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How Much Does Termite Treatment Cost?

Factors that Influence Termite Control Costs

The size and number of present termite colonies greatly influence termite treatment costs. Larger and more spread out pest populations increase expenses because they require more resources, manual labor, and time to control.

Location and termite species also contribute to control charges. Since the pests are more common in some areas, the risk of re-infestation may be greater. Additionally, certain termite species do more damage that requires added resources.

Finally, termite control expenses rise when infestations occur in high-risk areas of homes. The type of treatment used also factors into costs.

Primary Factors Affecting Cost

  • Climate

  • Location

  • External home issues

  • Customized solutions based in science - there are no one size fits all solutions.

Orkin Termite Services & Guarantee

Orkin offers free termite inspections to homeowners. During these checks, experts can locate potential infestations and match homeowners with treatment plans to best solve their existing pest problems. Also, the Orkin termite specialist will likely point out factors that are conducive or contributing to termite problems and suggest ways to resolve these conditions. Orkin allows clients to help customize their treatment plans and also offers on-going inspections. When treatments don't entirely eliminate termite infestations, services also include free re-treatment.

Available termite control plans include: protective liquid applications on the inside and outside of homes; bait and monitoring plans that involve worker termites finding, consuming and transporting the bait back to the colony, thereby destroying the termites in the colony; and termite foams that control termites in wall voids or other hard-to-reach locations. Orkin's money-back guarantee ensures complete customer satisfaction for all treatment choices. Call your Orkin Pro whenever you have a termite problem, and we'll work to resolve it.

Contact your local Orkin Branch Office at (844) 283-5966 and request a termite inspection. An Orkin termite specialist will come to your house, inspect the home, prepare a Termite Inspection Report and Termite Service Agreement, plus answer any questions you have about termite control.


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