Mouse Repellent Sprays

While there are mouse repellent liquids, solids, and even electronic devices on the market, there is no scientific evidence presented by the manufacturers that any mouse repellent spray has widespread value. There are no government requirements that these products must be proven effective before they are brought to market. Therefore, even credible consumer commerce sites advertise mouse repellent sprays. In some cases, these products are sold with the promise to get rid of existing infestations. These sprays might irritate the mouse for a few seconds by using chemicals such as natural oils, but the mice soon find a way around or through the treated areas.

Mice don’t have a large range. They usually nest near their food source, so the most important task for mouse control is to find the source. Remove the harborage areas, or areas where mice nest and the mice will not prosper. Remove the food source, and they will be stressed and can’t survive.

Rather than depending on sprays, the most effective method of mouse control is to prevent mice from gaining entry into your home or business. All windows and doors should close tightly. Pet food and grass seed should be kept in closed containers that cannot be chewed into by mice. At the first sign of a mouse infestation, a professional should be called to help eliminate the infestation before a huge population develops.

There is no magic mouse repellent spray. Careful inspection, exclusion techniques and early control are the best choices for long-term prevention.