Can Ants Help Control Termite Infestations?

Basic Information

Winged ants and termites, called reproductives, are oftentimes confused for one another. Although swarming reproductive termite and ant specimens do somewhat resemble one another, there are distinct physical characteristics that will help in identifying them. Termites have two obvious body segments, while ants have three. The termite’s antennae are long and straight, while the ant’s antennae are elbowed with a bend in them. Termite wings are equal in length, but ant front wings are longer than their hind wings.

Control Methods

Termites and ants are natural enemies. Ant and termite colonies often turn hostile upon encountering one another. Ants have been known to raid termite colonies and consume termites as a source of food.

Challenges of Control

Termites have evolved many defenses to protect themselves from predation by ants, including protective tubes and producing armed soldiers. When ants are able to overcome these defenses, they will consume termites, but would never consume all the termites of a large colony like a subterranean termite colony. Besides, homeowner find ants unwanted visitors who cause their own problems.

termite larvae with ants Termite Larvae with Ants