Termite Damage in Bathroom

Bathrooms are often the site of moisture problems caused by leaky pipes and the combination of humid showers and inadequate ventilation. As if these moisture problems were not enough, they also can create conditions conducive to termite infestations.

Signs of Termite Damage in a Bathroom
A few signs that can signal termite damage in a bathroom include:

Termite infestations can be hidden in walls, floors and ceilings. Infestations can be particularly difficult to detect behind tile and bathtubs. Even the newest technology, such as infrared technology, cannot help termite inspectors detect infestations behind these surfaces.

However, termite inspectors are trained to look for other signs of infestation. Annual inspections and proactive measures to help ventilate the bathroom, such as through a bath trap, can help reduce the likelihood of an infestation.

Termite Damage to a Bath Tub
Termites will not damage a porcelain-coated, acrylic or fiberglass tub. However, termites can damage the wooden beams that support the weight of the tub. Structural damage in a bathroom can be very difficult and expensive to repair due to the challenge of accessing the infestation near plumbing pipes and fixtures. Repairs should be handled by a licensed contractor.

Severe termite damage to a bathroom:
picture of termite bathroom damage
Notice that the sink has fallen off the wall due to termites destroying the supporting wood beams.