I'm trying to identify a hard, diamond-shaped bug.

Question: I'm trying to identify a bug I never seen before until this past year. The bug is a grayish-brown color, and shaped like a shield or diamond. The bug has a hard shell-like back and is about the size of a dime or nickel. The bug also is very loud when it flies, and also releases a strong odor when killed.

ANSWER: Probably what you have is one of the common species of stink bugs. They can be pests in the fall when they enter houses. They are nuisances during the winter and spring before they leave to return to the outdoors. There are several species that have become pests in the last few years, possibly because their numbers have increased in some regions of the country.

Adult stink bugs spend the winter in protected places. They often find shelter around the outside and inside houses. Box elder bugs and lady bugs also do this.

They don't sting or bite, and they don't reproduce in the house. They are just a nuisance and they stink. The "stink" they make is from a small gland on the abdomen. It is for defense purposes!

These insects can be removed from indoors with a vacuum cleaner.

Make sure exterior doors close tightly. Replace any missing weather stripping. Repair any damaged screens on attic and crawl space vents.

Exterior treatments to discourage them from moving into the house can be performed.  Call us and a highly trained Orkin Pest Specialist will come to your home and develop a customized treatment plan based on science that best fits your needs.

picture of stink bug

Image of a Stink Bug


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