I have stink bugs all around my house.

Question: I have stink bugs everywhere outside my house, and they are starting to come in my house. What can I do to get rid of them?

ANSWER: Stink bugs can be pests in the fall when they enter houses and during the winter and spring before they leave to return to the outdoors. There are several species that have become household pests in the last few years, probably because their numbers have increased in some regions of the country. These insects can be removed from indoors with a vacuum cleaner. They don’t sting or bite, and they don’t infest the house.

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Question: Hi, I first noticed the stink bugs last fall when they were swarming in my yard. I had the door open and about 50 flew in. I vacuumed like crazy, but I continued to see a few over the winter. Now, I am vacuuming up 10-20 every day. I see them outside on my soffits. We have lived here 20 years, and it is the first time I have encountered this is problem. I read online that sprays do not deter them after about two weeks. Can you give me more information? Thanks.

Question: Does ORKIN treat for “stink bugs” (mid-sized, shield-shaped beetle bugs that give off a stink when scared or squashed)?

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