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The Weak Link in Your Supply Chain

The transportation leg of the supply chain can be one of the most susceptible to pest activity because transportation vehicles offer prime pest conditions – an abundant supply of food and warm, dark shelter. With supply chains spanning the globe, knowing the signs of pest activity is crucial as pests can cross borders and introduce invasive species to new ecosystems.

Transportation is only one link, and we’ve exposed four other points in the supply chain that are at the biggest risk for pest problems in Your Guide to Supply Chain Pest Management for Logistics. Let’s take a closer look at transportation challenges:

  1. Cleanliness – Spills and leaks are to be expected when moving high volumes of products. But those little accidents can become a big problem if they aren’t addressed. Accumulated moisture and organic grime are highly attractive to pests.

  2. Damage – Like spills, minor damage to packages can happen in transit. But don’t overlook the telltale signs of pest presence like gnaw marks, spider webbing, droppings and cast skins.

  3. Creating a Checkpoint – It’s critical at transfer points in the supply chain to create a “pest-free checkpoint.” If the supplier can verify the inspection of goods before they leave the manufacturing facility and you can verify the condition when they arrive via transport, you reduce the places that pests can access your supply chain unchecked.

A supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link. The best practice is to proactively prevent pests rather than simply remediate issues as they arise. Use our checklist to do just that, and you’ll be one step closer to shoring up your operations against pests.

For information on supply chain preparedness to protect your facility, download Your Guide to Supply Chain Pest Management for Logistics.

Help keep pests out of the entire supply chain. Learn how to help keep you and your partners connected at every step of the supply chain. Download guide.


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