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How Your Pest Control Changes With the Seasons


When it comes to invading your workplace, pests don’t discriminate—all year round, anywhere with water, food and shelter suits different pests at different times. You might already know some of the basic measures you and your pest control provider can take to help prevent a pest infestation, but did you know that there’s a seasonality to pest control?

While we plan our lives around just four seasons in a calendar year, pests are staying busy during six distinct times of year. Download our free Commercial Pest Control Guidebook to learn what the six peak seasons are and which pests to look for during certain months of the year.

So, how do you establish an effective Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program that doesn’t require 24/7 vigilance from you, especially during the busiest months of the year?

Knowing which pests to watch for throughout the year can help you establish the best preventive measures for your specific location and industry. For example:

  • If your facility operates in a region that’s hot and humid during July and August, you’ll want to double down on treatment for disease-carrying mosquitoes and flies.

  • If you’re operating during snowy winter months, knowing that pests such as rodents and stinkbugs are looking to get cozy in your workplace can determine next steps to help with prevention, especially during the holiday rush.

Of course, there are some pests that are always a threat, regardless of the season. Industry-specific pest issues are also something to put on your radar:

  • Bed bugs can strike the hospitality and healthcare industries at any time.

  • Stored product pests can be found during any season if you’re in the logistics or food processing industries.

Be sure to have a conversation with your pest control provider about preventive measures and ongoing monitoring you can implement to help stop a problem before it begins.

When it comes to helping avoid costly infestations, knowing about pest seasonality can inform your best practices and make all the difference. For other top tips and best practices customized for your industry, as well as types of add-on services to help keep your facility clean and protected, download our free Commercial Pest Control Guidebook. Implementing these solutions will put your focus back where you want it to be—on managing your business, not managing pests.

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