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Field Notes

Field Notes

Orkin Canine Inspections: How Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs Help Businesses Battle Infections

Schedule your bed bug canine inspection to find & address a bed bug infestation in your business using trained bed bug sniffing dogs with an Orkin Pro.

Field Notes

Fast Commercial Pest Control Response Times

Learn why it is essential for commercial pest problems be handled quickly & why you can trust Orkin for your business pest control needs.

Field Notes

What Are the Signs of a Rodent Infestation?

Learn how to spot the most common signs of a rodent infestation in your business and how to take action to help prevent rodents in and around your business.

Field Notes

5 Tips For Stinging Insect Pest Control For Your Business

Learn how Orkin protects customers from the most common types of stinging pests with proactive tools and tips to help protect your facility from bees, hornets and wasps.

Field Notes

Bed Bug Checklists For Your Workplace

Help protect your staff, guests & business reputation by checking for bed bugs in your hotel, nursing home or healthcare facility routinely with this checklist.

Field Notes

8 Fly FAQs To Help With Commercial Fly Pest Control

Find answers to top questions about flies & commercial fly control to help protect your facility from an infestation from these filthy pests with Orkin pest control.

Field Notes

Orkin’s 2023 Pest Season Predictions

As the leader in commercial pest control, Orkin makes the official 2023 pest season predictions for each region of the country to understand what pests to expect during spring and summer months.

Field Notes

Is Mosquito Season Getting Longer? – Commercial Mosquito Control Services

As climates trend warmer, mosquito season continues to get longer each year. Make sure your employees and customers are protected from mosquitoes with help from Orkin.

Field Notes

5 Ways to Help Keep Mosquitoes Away – Commercial Mosquito Control

Prevention is key to helping control mosquitoes in and around your business. Work with an Orkin Pro and learn how to help repel and prevent mosquitoes on your property.

Field Notes

5 Questions To Ask Before Your Next Facility Audit

Five questions facility managers can ask themselves to feel confident in their third-party audit readiness and help keep their business audit-ready year-round.

Field Notes

Ancillary Pest Control Services to Consider for Your Business

Ancillary services are additional pest control solutions that can enhance your Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan to solve challenges unique to your business and your facility.

Field Notes

Three Big Benefits of Exclusion Practices

Implementing exclusion tactics around your property offers many benefits including using fewer chemical treatments, acting as a preventive measure to stop pest issues before they occur and contributing to overall energy efficiency in your facility.

Field Notes

Odor Removal for Your Building with Scenting Services

Orkin® Scent Services now offers two new products to keep your business smelling fresh. AirRemedy™ helps eliminate odors and leave your facility smelling fresh and clean, and AirSpa™ delivers a desired fragrance to strengthen your brand impression.

Field Notes

Flying Under Your Radar: The Overlooked Problem of Bird Infestations

While an often-overlooked pest issue, birds carry disease and damage structures, creating formidable problems for businesses. Here is how to spot and control a bird infestation.

Field Notes

How Your Pest Control Changes With the Seasons

Orkin experts give you a calendar of pest seasonality that you can use as part of a customized, preventive pest control program with a trusted provider. These best practice IPM guidelines will help you focus less on pests and more on your daily operations.

Field Notes

10 Ways to Avoid Pest Control Headaches Before and During the Holiday Rush

While you’re preparing for the onslaught of the holiday season, don’t overlook the ways you can help reduce your chances of unwanted pests.

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