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5 Questions To Ask Before Your Next Facility Audit

Five questions facility managers can ask themselves to feel confident in their audit readiness and help keep their business audit-ready year-round.

Field Notes

Ancillary Pest Control Services to Consider for Your Business

Ancillary services are additional pest control solutions that can enhance your Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan to solve challenges unique to your business and your facility.

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Three Big Benefits of Exclusion Practices

Implementing exclusion tactics around your property offers many benefits including using fewer chemical treatments, acting as a preventive measure to stop pest issues before they occur and contributing to overall energy efficiency in your facility.

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Freshen Up Your Building With Orkin® Scent Services

Orkin® Scent Services now offers two new products to keep your business smelling fresh. AirRemedy™ helps eliminate odors and leave your facility smelling fresh and clean, and AirSpa™ delivers a desired fragrance to strengthen your brand impression.

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Flying Under Your Radar: The Overlooked Problem of Bird Infestations

While an often-overlooked pest issue, birds carry disease and damage structures, creating formidable problems for businesses. Here is how to spot and control a bird infestation.

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How Your Pest Control Changes With the Seasons

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10 Ways to Avoid Pest Control Headaches Before and During the Holiday Rush

While you’re preparing for the onslaught of the holiday season, don’t overlook the ways you can help reduce your chances of unwanted pests.

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Seamless Pest Management with Orkin’s Online Resources

As an Orkin customer, you have access to one of two platforms: MyAccount or Orkin InSite®. Learn how these dashboards provide the documentation and reporting information you need when you need it, so your pest control program maintains the gold standard.

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All Hands on Deck: Training Your Maintenance Staff on Pest Prevention

Learn how your maintenance staff can help further your pest prevention efforts with Orkin’s Staff Training Checklist.

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Aim Higher: Green Pest Control Starts Here

Whether you’re pursuing LEED certification for your building or have your own sustainability goals you’re working toward, environmentally responsible pest control should be part of your plan.

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3 Pests to Watch For During Hurricane Season

Use expert tips from Orkin to learn about top pests to watch out for during hurricane season and steps to take to keep pests out after a super storm hits.

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5 Signs Your Pest Control Partner Isn’t Cutting It

What does a successful pest control program look like?

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10 Questions To Ask a Potential Pest Control Partner

Consider these ten questions your script for confidently interviewing any pest control service prospect.

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How to Deter Flying Summer Pests

As you prepare for the summer, here are the winged pests you should look for.

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What It Means To Do Business With Orkin

You deserve a partner you can count on to get the job done right, even when you’re not looking.

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Roof Rat Populations on the Rise: What to Know

The year 2020 brought us many surprises, including an influx of rodent headlines.

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