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3 Pest Control Technologies to Help Get Rid of Mosquitoes


Pest control technology is constantly evolving, adapting to new challenges and incorporating cutting-edge innovations to provide more effective and sustainable solutions to help get rid of pests. Mosquito season peaks during the warmest months of the year, and mosquitoes pose potential health risks for employees and customers who visit your business. With the latest mosquito control technology, our Orkin Pros help businesses reduce mosquito populations with precision and sustainability while maintaining a comfortable, safe environment.

Latest Pest Control Technology from Orkin® to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

Read on to learn more about the latest in mosquito prevention technology from Orkin.

1. Electric backpack misters for mosquito control are portable devices designed to efficiently disperse treatments in outdoor environments.

  • How It Works: A backpack-like container holds a reservoir of insecticide, an electric motor and a misting nozzle. The portable backpack allows the pest management professional to navigate outdoors spaces and treat areas where mosquitoes breed and gather.

  • Benefits:

    • Allows for precise and targeted application in hard-to-reach outdoor spaces

    • Helps ensure maximum coverage of foliage and surfaces where mosquitoes thrive by dispersing a fine mist

    • Reduces the risk of managing non-target species through more controlled treatment

    • Provides a quieter alternative to gas-powered devices, which can also be more regulated in certain areas

While not offered by Orkin in every market, electric backpack misters have revolutionized mosquito control, offering a portable, efficient and environmentally conscious solution for businesses to combat mosquitoes.

2. Orkin Eclipse uses more natural ingredients to attract and help reduce certain mosquito species.

  • How It Works: This green pest solution uses the mosquito itself to help spread larvicides and prevent breeding to reduce mosquito populations. When strategically placed, one mosquito trap can cover an area of up to 4,300 square feet.

  • Benefits:

    • More environmentally conscious, with traps made of recycled materials and natural, fungal-based treatment

    • Helps minimize the impact on non-targeted species and ecosystems

    • Can be placed in flower areas and will blend into the environment

    • Effective for four to six weeks, even after rainy days

Orkin Eclipse is an innovative service that helps keep your property’s mosquito population under control all season long.

3. Combination pest control services that address both mosquito and tick populations offer businesses a comprehensive solution to combat these common pests with similar treatment strategies.

  • How It Works: Combining mosquito and tick control services helps provide a holistic approach to pest management. Both services involve spraying targeted treatments in areas around your facility, such as vegetation, landscaping, lawns and wooded areas.

  • Benefits:

    • Streamlines the treatment process, saving time and effort for business owners and operations managers

    • Offers broader protection against multiple pests, helping ensure a more comfortable and safer environment for employees and customers

Overall, combination pest control services for mosquitoes and ticks offer a convenient, efficient and effective solution to help mitigate the risks associated with these blood-feeding pests.

For more detailed information on mosquitoes and actionable tips to help reduce them around your property, download our free Mosquitoes 101 ebook.

Why Choose Orkin For Commercial Mosquito Control?

For well over a century, Orkin has set the standard for mosquito protection and gained specialized know-how from helping keep mosquitoes out of thousands of businesses just like yours. In addition to the technologies above, Orkin will use other targeted treatments like exclusion tactics and habitat control to create customized solutions tailored to the mosquito habitats and species we find around your property.

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