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Commercial Bed Bug Services

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Put Bed Bug Infestations to Rest

When it comes to bed bug control for your business, there’s no time to mess around. Choose a pest control company that shares your sense of urgency. Contact us for commercial pest control solutions that can help treat bed bug infestations at your business.

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Commercial Bed Bug Treatment

What You Can Expect

Call Orkin before the bed bugs bite. With proven commercial bed bug control techniques, stop the infestation now and potential future problems. Our infestation removal techniques are used to create a custom bed bug treatment plan just for you.

Orkin Bed Bug ProAct®

Don’t get caught off guard. We developed Orkin Bed Bug ProAct specifically for the hospitality industry to help reduce the threat of bed bug infestations with ongoing defense.

Ongoing Visual Inspections

You can count on us to keep a close eye. We’ll schedule regular bed bug inspections to spot the first signs of these headache-inducing pests.

Bed Bug Canine Inspection

Trust man’s best friend. Our highly trained dogs detect bed bug scents at all life cycle phases – from eggs to adults – and can find these elusive pests anywhere.  

OrkinHeat® for Bed Bugs

Heat treat bed bugs with OrkinHeat. Our environmentally responsible process uses intense temperatures to zero-in on bed bugs where they hide.

Additional Bed Bug Treatment

Attack bed bugs from all sides. For these tricky pests, we offer additional protective pest control measures like mattress encasements, pillow protectors, staff training and traditional steam products.

Bed Bug Checklist

How to Check for Bed Bugs at Your Business

Learn hot spots and where to check for bed bugs in hotels, healthcare facilities and nursing home residences. If you find bed bugs at your business, contact Orkin right away to get a free pest control inspection. Review our checklist for finding bed bugs and commercial bed bug pre-treatment procedures.

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Your Satisfaction Matters

Bed Bug Control Guarantee

Because bed bugs can be brought in from the outside at any time, we cannot guarantee that your facility will never have bed bugs again – no credible provider can make that promise.

We can guarantee that our service will be effective for at least 30 days. If bed bugs return to the treated areas within 30 days of the completion of our service, we will re-treat at no additional charge.

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