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Westminster-Thurber Community (2011)

Creating Peace of Mind for Residents

Located in the heart of the Buckeye state, Westminster-Thurber Community offers central Ohio the best in high quality assisted living, apartment homes, rehab and long-term care.This thoughtfully planned retirement community has a tradition of compassionate care and strives for excellence in all they do – and pest management is no exception. In fact, their commitment to quality has earned them more than a sterling reputation; this year it resulted in their first ever Gold Medal™ IPM Partner Award.

Since 2008, Orkin’s Gold Medal™ Protection program has helped Westminster-Thurber Community reduce pest activity and maintain a safe environment for its residents. We spoke with Tim Enderle, Westminster-Thurber Community’s director of environmental services, about their partnership with Orkin. Here is an edited transcription of that interview.

Why did you choose Orkin’s Gold Medal Protection Program?

“When compared to other pest management companies that we have worked with in the past, there is no comparison. This is the top-notch, top-rated program and the results prove themselves.”

Why is IPM so important to your facility?

“It’s imperative that the elders who call our facility home live in the best environment possible. That means providing the best pest management possible, and it’s important that we remain progressive in that goal. Orkin provides our facility with the most up-to-date treatment and prevention techniques on the market to ensure our program is current. We have a new canine program in place that Orkin uses to sniff out bed bugs. Every three months we have the dog tour the facility and search for evidence of an infestation. We want to make sure we show the residents and family members that we are at the forefront of protecting against these epidemics and we are doing everything we can to remain proactive.”

What’s unique about your partnership with Orkin?

“One of the distinguishing factors of our partnership with Orkin is the diligence, persistence and encouragement that we receive from our Orkin team to maintain an active and thriving relationship. Our Orkin Pest Specialist does an excellent job of explaining why he uses specific treatments and how they operate, and does his homework to ensure his techniques will work successfully. It’s the Orkin process of developing relationships that has changed our physical environment.”

What results have you seen from the Gold Medal Protection program?

“At one point in time, we had a situation at the facility that needed quick and effective treatment. It was at that point that we made our first contact with Orkin. As soon as Orkin stepped in, the situation was turned around immediately. The transformation was incredible; a night and day difference.”


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