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Pest Control Services For Food & Beverage Processing


Pests Are a Food Safety Hazard

Poor food and beverage pest control is a recipe for disaster, especially when your business is dependent on sanitation and hygiene. Whether you are a dry-food facility, liquid-food facility or both, pests won't leave with the endless resources available to them.

We know what is at stake with food safety regulations and are prepared to help your food or beverage processing plant. Pests can carry diseases and not only make your employees sick but also your customers. You may face productivity loss, damaged products or a tarnished reputation without proper food processing plant pest control.

Pest control in the food industry must be proactive in prevention and train employees to help maintain the facility not only in the work areas but also in storage, break areas and exterior parts of the facility. How should you store dry foods to prevent pest infestation? What should food workers do to prevent pests?

For well over a century, Orkin has taken a custom approach to pest control to help food and beverage processing facilities to answer these types of questions. Your Orkin Pro will implement a commercial pest control plan based on your unique needs. Meet the Food Safety Precision Protection™ package.

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Additional Pest Control Services

More Protection Where You Need It

Your customized food and beverage processing pest control package may also include these services.

Pest Exclusion

Keep pests out of your food and beverage processing facility with our exclusion services. We'll seal potential entry points like cracks and thresholds with comprehensive coverage.

Fly Control

No more pesky flies in your food manufacturing plant. We help get rid of these pests with mechanical traps, fly lights and bioremediation treatments.

Actizyme® Floor and Drain Cleaner

Clean up the grime. We make sure your space is sanitary and meets food safety regulations with our low-impact cleaning solution.

Bird Control

Birds belong in nature. Make sure your food and beverage processing facility is unattractive to birds with our expert approach.

Rodent Control

Avoid a rodent infestation with Orkin. We'll create a custom rodent control plan to keep pests out of your food and beverage processing facility.

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Commercial Triple Guarantee

We're not happy until you're happy.

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2 x 24 Response Guarantee

When you see a pest, you need service right away—365 days a year. Orkin makes it easy with a direct priority line to our national customer service department and to your local branch. We'll respond to your request within two hours and if needed have someone on-site at your facility within 24 hours—guaranteed.

Reimbursement Guarantee

Should your company be fined by a regulatory agency due solely to a pest infestation, Orkin will reimburse you the amount of the fines paid. Should your customer see a roach, rat or mouse in your establishment after 60 days of service, Orkin will: 1) Repay, either you or the customers as appropriate, the reasonable charges incurred by the customer at time of sighting and 2) Invite the customer back as Orkin's guest for a meal, as appropriate. See customer agreement for details.

360° Satisfaction Guarantee

With Orkin, your satisfaction is guaranteed on all sides with three unique 60-day guarantees:

  • 60 day complimentary service if you are not satisfied with the way we begin your service

  • 60 days complimentary service if you're not satisfied at any time thereafter

  • 60 days complimentary service by another provider if you're still not satisfied

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Assess. Implement. Monitor.

We get to know your specific food and beverage processing plant pest control needs with Orkin’s expert A.I.M.® process. Then, we help you prevent pests with science-backed treatments.

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Gold Medal QA®

Meet FDA pest management requirements with this comprehensive package, including a Vendor Inspection Program (VIP), complimentary Integrated Pest Management training, third-party audit-ready documentation and on-site audit support.

Orkin InSite®

Real-time insights and documentation at your fingertips. With Orkin InSite®, you can easily pull reports, manage multiple locations, track pest trends and receive additional program recommendations. It’s 24/7 data and connection to your Orkin team.

National Accounts Program

Do you manage multiple facilities around the country? Orkin is the preferred vendor for a number of major national brands and services thousands of multi-facility companies in the United States and Canada. Call 1-855-466-7130.

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