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Commercial Pest Control Case Studies

Food and Beverage Processing

Food and Beverage Processing

Carolina Beverage Group staff

Carolina Beverage Group

Founded in 1997, Carolina Beverage Group, LLC began as a creator and maker of high-quality craft beers. In 2001, the company expanded its operations to offer contract-packaging services.

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Case Farms staff

Case Farms

Case Farms’ fully integrated poultry farming and processing group holds a strong commitment to quality products and dedicated service, which means there’s no room for pest problems.

Fruit Growers Supply Company

Fruit Growers Supply Company

Fruit Growers Supply Company and Orkin Commercial Services: Exceeding AIB Standards With a High-Tech Pest Management System

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

As a leader in specialty coffee and coffee makers, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. (GMCR), has a strong focus on socially responsible business practices.

orkin logo

Ice River Springs

As part of Ice River Springs’ award-winning quality assurance program, it employs Orkin’s Gold Medal™ Protection at all four of its U.S. plants.

J&J Snack Foods logo

J&J Snack Foods

Operating a 500,000 square foot facility 24 hours a day might seem daunting, but for J&J Snack Foods Corp. it’s just another day at the office.

Magnolia Foods Staff

Magnolia Foods

As a manufacturer of corn and flour tortillas, tortilla chips and other similar products, Magnolia Foods prides itself on high-quality products and maintaining a clean and safe facility environment.

Petco staff

PETCO Distribution Center #382 and Orkin

As a leading specialty retailer of premium pet food, supplies, services and companion animals, Petco places a strong focus on nurturing powerful relationships between people and pets.

Petco team

Petco and Orkin – A Multi-Facility Partnership

As a leading specialty retailer of premium pet food, supplies, services and companion animals, Petco places a strong focus on nurturing powerful relationships between people and pets.

The Wright Group team

The Wright Group and Orkin: An Award-Winning Partnership Built to Keep Flavor In and Pests Out

For The Wright Group, quality is a key ingredient in everything they do. And pest management is no exception. Quality always comes first.

Tarrier Foods Corporation team

Tarrier Foods Corporation 2014

For more than 15 years, Tarrier Foods and Orkin have cultivated a pest management partnership that operates like a well-oiled machine. The Columbus, Ohio-based food processing company is a member of the IPM Partner Awards Hall of Fame.

Morton Salt team

Morton Salt Company

When it comes to pest management in its Hutchinson, Kan., facility, the company behind the famous Umbrella Girl turns to another American icon, The Orkin Pro®.

Petco Team

Five-Time IPM Partner Award Champion Petco and Orkin’s Hall of Fame Partnership

Petco partnered with Orkin to help support its vision – “Healthier Pets. Happier People. Better Lives.” – by creating a safer environment for its products.

Turano Florida Bun

Producing more than 1,000 buns per minute, Turano distributes its goods to thousands of restaurants throughout the Southeast, so maintaining a clean facility is of the utmost importance.

Tyson Foods

Assuring Tyson products’ safety and quality would not be possible without an effective sanitation and Integrated Pest Management program. Tyson Foods employs Orkin’s Gold Medal Protection to help keep pests out and works closely with their Orkin team.

orkin logo

The Cheesecake Factory Bakery Incorporated

Producing more than 5 million cheesecakes annually, it’s essential that The Cheesecake Factory Bakery’s 60,000 square-foot facility be well-maintained by its employees, who uphold the highest safety standards to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

orkin logo

Tarrier Foods Corporation

The success of Tarrier Foods’ quality assurance and pest prevention programs earned the facility a Gold Medal™ IPM Partner Award. Presented by Orkin, LLC, The IPM Institute of North America and NSF.

Southern Specialties logo

Southern Specialties

Southern Specialties employed Orkin’s Gold Medal Protection program in 2009 and, as Luis Martinez writes to Orkin’s Marty Sweet, they have been thrilled with the results – including passing their third-party audits with “flying colors.”

Monsanto Company award recipient

Monsanto Company

Orkin’s partnership with Monsanto Company, a global provider of technology-based solutions and agricultural products that improve farm productivity and food quality, began more than a decade ago.

Orkin logo

Mission Foods

Mission’s Goldsboro, N.C., plant relies on Orkin’s Gold Medal™ Protection to ensure their products are guarded against pests.

Maines Paper and Food Service team

Maines Paper and Food Service

Multiple Layers, One Effective Pest Management Program: Orkin Provides the Right Solutions for Top-down Success

Spangler Candy Company employee

Spangler Candy Company

The company turned to Orkin in 2006 to help protect their facility and have been extremely pleased with the switch to Orkin’s Gold Medal Protection.

Saddle Creek Corporation - Del Monte Foods

Saddle Creek Corporation - Del Monte Foods

A true partnership may be worth its weight in gold, but for Saddle Creek Corporation’s Fort Worth, Texas facility and Orkin Commercial Services, it actually earned them gold – a Gold Medal IPM Partner Award.

Knouse Foods

Knouse Foods

Knouse locations turn to Orkin. Orkin’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program helps consistently keep pests in their place. Orkin and Knouse Foods Partnership: The Core of a Successful Pest Management Program.



The Rusty Rudder

The Rusty Rudder and Orkin

The Rusty Rudder prides itself on delicious food, great live music and a comfortable atmosphere. It was critical to keep outdoor dining perfect for customers not pest.

Silva Bakery

Silva Bakery keeps flavor in and pests out

Located in Hayward, Calif., Silva Bakery is a family-owned Portuguese bakery known for its artisanal breads, sweet and savory pastries and specialty foods.



Piedmont Hospital

Piedmont Hospital

An Orkin Gold Medal Protection customer since 2004, Piedmont selected Orkin because the hospital needed 24-hour, on-call services and a guaranteed four-hour response time to any pest problems at the facility.

Glens Falls Hospital building

Glens Falls Hospital

Glens Falls Hospital had spent five years using three different pest control providers, all of whom focused on reactive solutions to pest problems. Glens Falls Hospital decided to implement a more proactive pest management program.

Moffitt Cancer Center team

Moffitt Cancer Center and Orkin

Given the challenges pests can present in the sensitive healthcare environment, it’s no surprise that pest management is a key focus for this nationally-ranked facility.

Orkin logo

Moffitt Cancer Center and Orkin 2015

Given the challenges pests can present in the sensitive healthcare environment, it’s no surprise that pest management has been a focus for this nationally-ranked facility. That’s why since 2011, Moffitt has partnered with Orkin.

Orkin logo

Moffitt Cancer Center

Located in Tampa, Fla., Moffitt Cancer Center is one of only 45 National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers, a distinction that recognizes Moffitt’s excellence in research and its contributions.

Orkin logo

Primary Health

When searching for a pest management partner, Primary Health searched for a company with the same commitment to innovation, technology and reliability. Mark Marriott, Primary Health’s facilities administrator, shared why Primary Health chose Orkin.

Regents Park at Aventura

Regents Park at Aventura

After two national pest control companies delivered less than satisfactory results, Regents Park turned to Orkin Commercial Services for help. Understanding the challenge of a sensitive health care environment, Orkin delivered effective consistent results.

Sparrow Hospital logo

Sparrow Hospital

Given Sparrow’s strong commitment to green cleaning, it comes as no surprise that the hospital values a pest management company that can contribute to their overall goal of becoming 100 percent green.

Orkin logo

Westminster-Thurber Community 2013

This dedication has earned them national recognition by the health care community and beyond. In 2012, Westminster-Thurber Community was recognized for the second consecutive year with a Gold Medal™ IPM Partner Award.

Orkin logo

Westminster-Thurber Community 2012

Westminster-Thurber Community was recognized for the second consecutive year with a Gold Medal™ IPM Partner Award – an honor bestowed upon Orkin partners that go above and beyond to maintain a successful Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program.

Orkin logo

Westminster-Thurber Community 2011

This thoughtfully planned retirement community has a tradition of compassionate care and strives for excellence in all they do – and pest management is no exception. In fact, their commitment to quality has earned them more than a sterling reputation.



The Houstonian Hotel, Club and Spa logo

The Houstonian Hotel, Club and Spa

The Houstonian has trusted Orkin Commercial Services as a partner since 2006 to help the resort continue to live up to its reputation as one of the finest hotels in Houston.

Paramount Lakeside Inn & Suites

Paramount Lakeside Inn & Suites

One year after becoming an Orkin customer, General Manager Nathan Manasco writes the following letter of recommendation after experiencing the Orkin difference first hand.

Residence Inn Huntsville

Residence Inn Huntsville

When hotel management began searching for a new pest control company, they looked for a provider that could deliver the same level of service that the hotel provides its guests. They chose Orkin.

Strater Hotel exterior

Strater Hotel

For more than 40 years, Strater Hotel has turned to Orkin to help make sure their guests have a comfortable lodging experience.

Bed bug on mattress

The Orkin Files: Swallow Bugs Mistaken for Bed Bugs

When Orkin received a call from a hotel experiencing guest complaints about bed bugs, Orkin Technical Services Manager Pat Copps expected to find just that – a scenario every hotel dreads, but could experience: a bed bug infestation.



Orkin logo

Dominion Packaging

Since 2009 Dominion Packaging has worked closely with its Orkin team to implement proactive sanitation and maintenance to help keep pests out and ensure the safety of its products.

Two Orkin Pros talking to a customer

Orkin Provides Solutions to Support New Business Aspirations

Orkin’s relationship with a global logistics company comprised of more than 250 locations across the world began when one of their mutual customers requested an Orkin inspection of its inventory.

RJW Transport logo

RJW Transport

With so much space to look after, pests can hide out of site. That’s why RJW has trusted Orkin Commercial Services as a partner since 2008 to help the transportation company live up to its reputation of excellence.



The HELP Foundation logo

The HELP Foundation

Orkin lent a hand to the HELP Foundation to keep unwanted visitors away. With 18 locations in the greater Cleveland area, the organization offers group homes and apartment units as residential options to those with disabilities.

Treybrooke Apartments

Treybrooke Apartments

Treybrooke Apartments is a family-owned property sitting on 85 acres in Greenville, North Carolina. Orkin services all 19 buildings, 456 units and the surrounding property to protect its residents from pests.

Orkin logo

The Pines Apartments

The Pines has partnered with Orkin for the past five years to ensure that pests don’t disturb the peace of its residents. Property Manager Ana Maria Herrera says it’s the customer service Orkin offers that sets them apart from others.

Office Property Management

Office Property Management

Brookfield Properties

Brookfield Properties

Brookfield has an opportunity to make an impression. Because these impressions are critical, Brookfield takes pest management and prevention seriously, that’s why in 2010, it switched from a competitor to Orkin.

IMC Real Estate Management building

IMC Real Estate Management And Orkin: Creating Peace Of Mind For Office Tenants

Orkin’s preventative and proactive Integrated Pest Management plan helps keep tenants happy, so they don’t have to take time out of their day to deal with pests.

Nigro Companies logo

Nigro Companies

Property manager Jamie Margelot depends on Orkin Commercial Services to ensure tenants at his office properties don’t work overtime dealing with pests. As a company built on strong values, Nigro Companies trusts Orkin to provide reliable service.



Fareva team

Fareva and Orkin: Award-Winning Pest Control for a Leader in Health and Wellness

Orkin’s team of Commercial Pest Specialists works diligently with the staff at Fareva to maintain the highest levels of efficiency and maintenance.

Nutramax Laboratories building

Nutramax Laboratories

Nutramax partnered with Orkin in 2010 to maintain an effective, proactive pest management program at its facilities. We spoke with Brian Adams, Maintenance and Facilities Manager at Nutramax Laboratories.

Pharmaceutical bottle machine image

A Scientific Approach to Identify Pests – And Keep Them Out

For more than 10 years, Orkin has partnered with a leading pharmaceutical company specializing in injectable medicines. Orkin helps support the company’s commitment to the health and safety of consumers and employees

Shaklee team

Shaklee and Orkin: Award-Winning Pest Control for a Leader in Health and Wellness

Orkin’s team of Commercial Pest Specialists works diligently with the staff at Shaklee to maintain the highest levels of efficiency and maintenance.



Amboy Schools playground

Amboy Schools

For Illinois school districts, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) isn’t just a suggestion, it’s the law.

Atlanta Children's Shelter

Atlanta Children's Shelter

Atlanta Children’s Shelter called on Orkin in 2006 because they needed highly effective pest management with minimal pesticide use in the sensitive childcare environment.

Blackfeet Community College logo

Blackfeet Community College: Advancing Learning, Not Pests

Blackfeet Community College partnered with Orkin last year and immediately noticed a difference in the quality of their Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program.

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