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RJW Transport

RJW Transport and Orkin partner to become audit-ready

For more than 30 years, RJW Transport has relied on its excellent customer service to meet transportation needs across the country. Its 180,000-square-foot warehouse facility in Woodridge, Ill., has expanded recently to meet ever-growing demands.

With so much space to look after, pests can hide out of site. That’s why RJW has trusted Orkin Commercial Services as a partner since 2008 to help the transportation company live up to its reputation of excellence.

Orkin spoke with RJW Human Resource Manager Janet Hartfiel about how Orkin’s service helps keep pests away and RJW audit-ready.

What do you like about your Orkin service?

Besides completely handling our pest control, the documentation of service that Orkin puts together in a logbook is just what we need. Orkin is also very responsive – we had some ants in our office one day, and our Pro came out immediately and took care of the problem at no extra cost. They always meet any requests we may have.

How does Orkin help you with your AIB audit?

Orkin is very astute to our AIB needs. When the pest control requirement became stronger for the audit process, we went to Orkin because of the good prior service we’ve had. Our Pro points out things around our facility that can make us more audit-ready.

Also, the book that Orkin puts together for its customers for recordkeeping is excellent. Even our AIB auditor was very pleased with the details in it and very appreciative that all the licensing certifications and training records are enclosed in the book. Due to the great service Orkin has been supplying us with on a routine basis and the excellent documentation, we received 200 points out of 200 points for the pest control section, and received an overall “superior rating” on the audit.

How has Orkin gone above and beyond at your establishment?

With our first AIB audit, there was a lot of pressure to have everything right. Our Pro took the time to educate us on everything we needed and put everything together. His recommendations have proven to be invaluable.

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Pest Management Provider:

  • Are the provider’s Pros licensed and/or certified by appropriate agencies?

  • What documentation is provided with the service? How soon is it available?

  • How knowledgeable are the Pros about your audit needs?

  • What is the average response time to a pest-related emergency? Is there an extra charge for emergency responses?

  • What kind of training do the Pros receive? Do they offer training for your staff?


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