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The Buzz on Why Flies are Bad for Business

Flies on a Cookie

A couple of flies is no big deal, right?

Unfortunately, even one fly can be a big problem — possibly indicating a broader sanitation issue within your facility. A single fly can carry over a hundred pathogens, posing a significant threat to workplace cleanliness and customer and employee health.

Fly Problems in Businesses

In business environments, flies can quickly evolve from an annoyance to a series threat to your bottom line. Here are the top reasons you shouldn’t ignore flies in your business:

  1. Flies are fast breeders. In the right conditions, a fly population can grow at an alarming rate. While they only live for about eight to ten days, a fruit fly can lay up to 500 eggs — which is why it’s imperative to tackle the problem early before it becomes harder to manage.

  2. Flies spread disease. House flies are strongly suspected of transmitting at least 65 pathogens and diseases to humans, including typhoid fever and cholera. Salmonella, Staphylococcus, E. coli and Shigella are also pathogens associated with house flies.

  3. Flies contaminate surfaces they land on. After feeding on garbage, sewage, decaying matter and feces, flies transfer germs wherever they land, including your food — and they land often.

  4. Flies hurt your reputation. Customers spot flies and immediately assume the worst. Prompting a range of negative reactions from scathing reviews to complaints of poor sanitation, flies can have a huge effect on your business’ reputation. To avoid rumors and mistrust with your customers, tackle any fly issues sooner rather than later.

  5. Flies can cost you money. Fly sightings can deal a blow to your bottom line by turning away your customers and costing you points on your next health inspection. If you have flies at your facility, you can rack up violations and even be forced to close.

  6. Flies come in large quantiles. Chances are, if you see one fly lurking around your business, there is a larger issue to address. For every person, there are an estimated 17 million flies. You certainly don’t want these buzzing pests to outnumber your customers and staff.

Fly Management for Your Business

As discussed, flies can pose a huge threat to your business’ bottom line and reputation. Read on for tips on how to help control flies in your business:

  • Practice exclusion techniques. Close up holes, install door sweeps and check all window seals often to help prevent flies and other pests from getting into your facility. Flies can travel up to 20 miles to find food, so ensuring your facility is closed off is a great way to deter them from taking refuge in your business.

  • Take out the trash. Make a habit of quickly removing indoor and outdoor trash and keeping containers clean and covered. Consistently changing your garbage cans and dumpsters will also help to avoid attracting flies.

  • Clean up food. Never keep rotting food in your facility. Encourage your staff not to keep food in common spaces out for too long and try not to keep communal food out longer than necessary.

  • Keep drains clean. Drains are huge breeding spaces for flies. Keeping them flowing and free of obstructions are a great way to limit flies entering your facility. Sanitizing garbage disposals and drains are also key to limiting flies.

Flies Have No Business in Your Business

Flies are small pests that present big risks. Whether you have a fly infestation or not, work with your pest management provider to develop a strategy for attacking these pests at the source and creating a prevention plan — before it affects your bottom line and reputation. Download our free Comprehensive Guide to Flies & Fly Control Strategy ebook to learn more about preventive fly management strategies and the ten most common flies you may find in your business.

Commercial Fly Control

Orkin’s Fly Control services apply our deep knowledge of flies to help ensure your business is above standard. After assessing your problem, we'll propose a tailored commercial fly control plan that aligns with your business' unique needs. Contact Orkin today to sign up for a free inspection.

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