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Seal the Deal on Pest Control: Exclusion Strategies for Your Business

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Pests don’t exactly ask your permission before they encroach on your business. Keeping them out requires exclusion tactics that help limit pest access into your building. An effective Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program starts with identifying signs of a pest infestation, monitoring on-site pest activity and tracing them to the source to stop pest problems where they start. Exclusion is a proactive step with many benefits that you can take to help keep pests out of your facility in the first place.

What Is Exclusion?

Exclusion refers to techniques that include the repairing, sealing off and shutting down of any common entry points for pests around your facility.

Orkin’s Exclusion Services provide effective, long-term methods to help physically keep pests from entering your building. A key element to understand is that pests need very little space to get into your building. Sealing even the smallest holes and cracks can help stop pests like cockroaches, rodents and occasional invaders from accessing different areas in your facility.

Exclusion Best Practices: Inspection, Identification and Maintenance

Protecting your facility against pests starts from the outside in. By identifying and maintaining areas prone to pest invasion, you can create a strong defense against pests in your facility:

  • Inspect your facility for pest “hot spots.” Pests enter buildings in search of the three main things they need to survive: food, water and shelter. Thoroughly inspecting your building’s structure and identifying pest “hot spots” where these items are readily available is crucial to closing their points of entry.

  • Identify the pest entry points. Areas that allow pests to access your facility may get overlooked. In addition to windows and doors, also consider vents, pipes and cracks.

  • Seal the Gaps. After identifying places that are most vulnerable to pest infiltration, establish clear maintenance protocols. These can include:

    • Repair or replace all torn or missing window and door screens.

    • Replace old or missing weather stripping and door sweeps.

    • Caulk cracks, crevices or gaps in your structure.

    • Repair or replace broken or missing vent covers.

Pest Exclusion Tools

Selecting the appropriate products is essential to effective pest exclusion. It’s crucial to equip your commercial space with top-tier exclusion tools, ensuring pests stay outside where they belong. Here are a few you can use to help keep pests outside:

  • Door Sweeps are designed to help create an impenetrable barrier against pests like rats and cockroaches. Door sweeps close gaps under doors with thousands of dense nylon bristles.

  • Air curtains are an effective method for helping keep flying insects, like flies and mosquitoes, away from your facility. These curtains are mounted in doorways and windows and use high-speed fans to create a wall of air that flying insects have difficulty crossing.

  • Water-resistant sealant is used seal cracks and crevices with weather-resistant caulking to close any gaps pests might use to gain entry into your buildings.

Secure Your Space with Orkin’s Expert Exclusion Services

It’s time to take back your business from pests and reclaim your peace of mind. If you’re tired of pests entering your facility without permission, consider Orkin’s Exclusion Services for a long-term, effective approach to help keep pests out.

To learn more about exclusion services and best practices that can benefit your business, download our free Exclusion Basics guidebook. If you’re feeling defeated by all the time and money going to these pest break-ins, remember that our well-trained Orkin Pros are here to walk you through exclusion techniques for your business. Schedule your free inspection today to get absolute confidence in your pest control.

Ready to implement exclusion tactics in your business? Work with one of our Orkin Pros to assess your property and offer solutions. Schedule your free audit today.

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