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Treatment 101: How Orkin’s Options Help You Stay Pest-Free

Along with bugging you, nuisance pests like rodents, cockroaches and flying and stinging pests have the potential to grow into a more serious problem. For some businesses, it only takes a sighting by the wrong person – an auditor, an inspector or even a social media influencer – to have a financial impact on the bottom line. And for any business, if that pest problem goes unchecked and escalates into an infestation, the resulting impact on your business can escalate, too.

Since many pest populations can grow rapidly once inside, taking steps to help prevent their entry in the first place is key. Entry points and accessible water and food sources create pest “hot spots,” like employee areas, that are susceptible to pest activity. Proactively diagnosing pest activity using a non-chemical, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach that includes exclusion, sanitation and maintenance is always the first priority. But even with strict maintenance and sanitation protocols, some pests require further treatment to help manage their presence at your business.

Orkin Precision Protection™

Precision Protection is Orkin’s IPM service for commercial properties. We have created industry-specific programs tailored to the specialized needs of properties like yours. It’s important to know that Precision Protection is the opposite of “one size fits all” pest control – it’s an approach. No program is identical, and each one is custom-built and grounded in science for maximum effectiveness.

Specialized Services

In addition to our Orkin Commercial Precision Protection services, we also have more specialized approaches. Orkin offers pest-specific treatment options to help you monitor and control any pest invading your building. Various forms of bait, pheromones, heat treatments, traps and glue boards are all potential solutions. They require professional application and must be used safely to help protect your customers and employees.

Here’s a snapshot of some other specialized services Orkin offers to help you with specific pest issues:

  • Bed Bug ProAct™: Eight of 10 hotels have dealt with bed bugs in the past year, with an average cost of $6,383 per bed bug incident. Orkin Bed Bug ProAct is an ongoing, proactive approach to help combat bed bugs in hotel guest rooms using a combination of sanitation, maintenance and exclusion protocols.
  • Fly Control: Flies feed and breed in many areas where food and grime build up. If you have a fly infestation, you could risk lost business, food contamination and a possible failed health inspection. Our Fly Control program helps you monitor activity in order to trace problems to the source and remediate the conducive conditions that attract the pests.
  • Rodent Control: Rodents can multiply quickly, cause property damage and spread harmful diseases. Our service includes a customized rodent management system to help reduce the rate of contamination and help eliminate the conditions that lead to rodent problems. Our ongoing monitoring and maintenance includes replacement of products, as well as reapplication of any treatment.
  • Bird Control: Orkin’s Bird Control Program is an effective, responsible way to help prevent damage to roofs ventilation systems and other building structures caused by nuisance birds. Each bird species requires a different treatment option. And with tens of millions of dollars in damage every year caused birds, our Orkin Pest Specialists know what it takes to protect your property while ensuring minimum impact on bird populations and the environment.

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