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Commercial Floor And Drain Cleaning Services


Start Breaking Up Greasy Buildup

If you operate a commercial kitchen, you know that greasy, “filmy” feeling underfoot. You know how problematic a clogged grease trap can be. And you know how hard it is to break up intense grime once it builds up. Look no further for an effective commercial floor and drain cleaner.

Orkin has been helping businesses prioritize cleanliness – and bug-less-ness – for well over a century. Our Orkin Actizyme® system uses naturally occurring bacteria and enzymes to safely dissolve even the stickiest, greasiest buildup from floors, drain pipes, and equipment – all in an environmentally responsible way. The result is a facility that’s much cleaner, safer, and less attractive to pests, too.

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Commercial Cleaning Techniques

Choose from Three Sanitization Services

With three available floor and drain cleaning options, you can trust Orkin Actizyme to meet your unique needs.

Dilute & Sanitize

A little Actizyme goes a long way. Mix Orkin Actizyme Floor and Drain Cleaner with water for regular, all-purpose cleaning of floors, drains and the undersides of equipment. 

Go Full Force

Apply full-strength Orkin Actizyme commercial cleaner directly onto grimy floors, the underside of equipment, and in drains to break up even the toughest residue.

Make it Automatic

We can install an automatic wall dispenser that mixes just the right amount of commercial cleaning solution and auto-dispenses directly into drains, pipes , and other spots that need regular de-greasing.

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