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The Nitty-Gritty on Sanitation: Products and Services That Help You Keep It Clean

The fast pace of your day-to-day responsibilities requires you to handle many things at once. And no matter what kind of facility you’re overseeing, a strong sanitation program is critical—if overlooked, it can have a domino effect on other areas of your business.

While it may seem obvious that emptying the trash and mopping the floors should happen on a regular basis, sanitation means more than just keeping everything clean. When it comes to pests, sanitation also means eliminating what pests need to survive. That way, you’re treating the causes of potential pest problems and getting ahead of them before they even begin.

Want to help make sure you’re cutting off pest issues at the source? Here are sanitation tips to consider implementing, based on your industry:

  • Food & Beverage Processing and Foodservice: When food is in production—whether for packaging and shipping or for plating and delivery tableside—spills and food scraps are inevitable. These edible byproducts attract pests. Clean up spills immediately, dispose of damaged products and routinely sanitize floor drains to deter pests such as roaches and small flies.
  • Healthcare: Given that your environment requires stringent sanitation measures as a matter of principle, healthcare facilities generally maintain sanitary conditions. Hidden challenges can be in non-clinical areas like staff rooms, where employees might be more lax with cleaning up spills and maintaining trash cans.
  • Logistics: With the volume of shipments being imported and exported on a daily basis, the chance of a pest infestation is high. Inspect shipments as they arrive at your facility for any pest activity, and ensure they are stored with adequate space in clean conditions. Sweep and mop regularly, and deal with product spills immediately.
  • Non-Food Manufacturing: Production equipment is prone to dirt and soil buildup. Be sure to clean all equipment regularly, including hard-to-reach areas like gaps between and underneath machines and dead-end spaces.
  • Property Management and Hospitality: With a wide range of tenants, residents and visitors, a lot of variables are introduced to your sanitation plan, putting a lot of factors out of your control. So, control what you can, like maintaining a strict waste management system to empty garbage cans regularly and keep dumpsters and compactors clean.

As the industry leader in pest control, Orkin has a diverse inventory of commercial services and products to protect our customers against pests. Here’s a snapshot of our tools that can help boost your sanitation plan:

  • Orkin® VitalClean™: As health concerns have taken a bigger spot on the world stage, it’s more important than ever to effectively disinfect your business. Our trained technicians apply a powerful, eco-friendly disinfectant that meets the EPA’s criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.
  • Orkin Actizyme® Floor and Drain Cleaner: Floor drains often produce pungent odors caused by food, grease and other organic matter. Orkin Actizyme is an enzymatic cleaning solution that breaks down gunk and grime to prevent bad smells and drain-dwelling pests from contaminating your facility.
  • Orkin Auto Clean®: To allow for cleanliness of urinals and toilets, Orkin Auto Clean uses an automatic cleaning solution to help reduce germ buildup and prevent calcification, rust, stains and bad odors.
  • Orkin Auto Flush®: Toilets in commercial bathrooms can lead to bad odors and unsanitary conditions if not flushed regularly. Orkin Auto Flush uses motion detection to automatically flush toilets after use to reduce buildup and the spread of bacteria through manual contact.
  • Small Fly Foam Service: Flies love filth, so having vigilant sanitation routines helps to eliminate the conditions they seek. Orkin’s Small Fly Foam Service uses Orkin Actizyme Foam to break down organic material that attract flies in drains and on walls, floors, underneath equipment and floor mats.
  • Orkin Actizyme® Odor Neutralizer: As odors in garbage cans form, pests can be attracted to these bad smells, making your facility prone to a potential pest infestation. Orkin’s Actizyme Odor Neutralizer uses a non-toxic solution to alter odors instead of making them for a fresh smelling environment.

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