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Commercial Bird Control Services

Bird Removal for Your Business

Don't Be a Landing Place for Birds

Birds are great in nature, but bad for business. They transmit diseases, cause structural damage and leave hard-to-clean droppings. Partner with Orkin to create a unique bird removal plan for your business.

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Bird Control Plan

Keep Your Business Safe With Bird Removal Services

A solid bird control plan works to help reduce any conditions that say, “Home sweet home.” Here’s how that looks. 

Bird Removal & Property Inspection

We start with a comprehensive bird inspection of your facility to understand locations where birds are feeding and watering, roosting, and nesting and the potential risk to non-targeted species.

Habitat Modification

Prevent bird nesting and roosting by using methods like bird repellents, physical control, and electronic control that make your business less hospitable.

Bird Traps

Tackle a bird problem quickly with temporary, yet effective, exterior bird control traps. We’ll use these mechanical traps for birds like sparrows and starlings that don’t have strong homing instincts.

Ongoing Monitoring and Maintenance

We’ll conduct regular inspections to evaluate the effectiveness of your bird control program, make recommendations, and document the bird removal process.

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Bird Control Guarantee

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All work performed for your Bird Control service comes with a one-year limited guarantee that the specified birds will be excluded only from the areas of installation as described. Should the installation become non-effective because of the failure of the installation and/or the material used, the installation will be repaired and/or replaced at no additional charge.

Any damage done to the products used in the service by outside influences such as severe weather, service personnel, negligence, or any other unforeseen conditions will make any manufacturer warranties null and void. It is expressly agreed and understood that Orkin Commercial Services shall not be responsible for delays incurred by factors beyond its control or delays caused by other parties entering into agreement with the client.

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