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Below are links to industry-specific resources you can use to train your staff on important pest control, sanitation and infection control issues.

Health Care

Shortcuts to Sustainable Pest Management

Environmentally responsible pest management starts with IPM, an approach that focuses on proactively preventing and managing pest problems before they begin. Learn about the steps to ensure your pest management program is sustainable, and that you’ve chosen the right pest management provider to help protect your facility against pests.

Healthcare Seasonal Guide to Pests

Seasons change, but pest pressure is constant. Are you prepared? Use this calendar to help combat pests at your medical facility all year long.

Joint Commission Checklist

Use this Joint Commission Pest Control Checklist to understand the standards your facility must meet to comply with Joint Commission requirements.

H2E 10-Step Guide to Implementing an Integrated Pest Management Program

A true IPM program creates a safe environment for patients and staff, and helps you comply with Joint Commission Environment of Care Standards. Follow this 10-step guide to help implement an IPM program in your facility.

Bed Bugs: The Issues, Challenges and Facts

Bed bugs have resurged in the last decade, damaging providers’ reputations and bottom lines. Take control with a smart action plan — before the bed bugs bite.

Business Case for Environmental Services

In this business case for environmental services, Orkin and the Association for the Healthcare Environment (AHE) present comprehensive planning and implementation guidelines for an Integrated Pest Management program in a health care setting.


Co-sponsored by Orkin and the Association for the Healthcare Environment (AHE), this website serves as an online IPM handbook for health care professionals. Visitors to the site can request a free copy of the AHE Recommended Practice Series: Integrated Pest Management, a complete “how to” guide to hospital pest control.

CDC Recommended Guidelines

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Healthcare Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee (HICPAC) wrote these recommended guidelines for pest control in health care facilities (see section V. under “Recommendation – Environmental Services”).

Guide to IPM in Long-Term Care Facilities

Written for Long-Term Living magazine by Orkin Director of Quality Systems Zia Siddiqi, Ph.D., and International Technical and Training Director Frank Meek, this article offers practical advice for keeping out unwelcome “visitors.”

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Food Processing

We’ll provide you with pest control reminders ahead of your audits when you sign up at www.myauditprep.com , so you can be prepared for your auditor’s visit.

60-Second Guide: Five Steps to Ace Your Next Audit

Audit scores are essential to the success of all processing and manufacturing facilities, and pest management plays a huge role. Learn about five critical pest management requirements to make sure your facility is audit-ready at any time.

5 Common Ways to Lose Points on Your Pest Control Audit – White Paper

Know the five common ways to lose points on your pest control audit with insight from Orkin Director of Quality Systems Zia Siddiqi, Ph.D., and Jim Bail, director of technical services for NSF’s Food Processors Program.

Plant Manager’s Pre Audit Checklist

Does your plant undergo third-party food-safety audits? This checklist, developed by Orkin and NSF International, will show you how to improve your pest management score on your next audit.

Pest Control Outsourcing worksheet

Though the price of an in-house program may appear to be its biggest benefit, in-house pest control often costs more than you think. Take this quiz to help determine if you might be a good candidate for outsourcing.

IPM Food Processing

Do you know where your facility stands when it comes to Integrated Pest Management? Take this self-assessment, which was developed by Orkin and the American Society for Quality, to pinpoint areas of improvement for your pest management program.

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5 Common Food Safety Mistakes

Make sure your staff is knowledgeable about five of the most common food safety mistakes in kitchens. These infractions can cost you big points on health inspections. Use this training guide to make your staff aware of what the mistakes are, the damage they can cause and how to fix them.

Fly Control: Understanding the Threats to Your Business — White Paper

Capable of carrying billions of germs, flies are more than just a nuisance — they’re a threat to businesses. But, armed with education and employee training, businesses can implement best practices for fly prevention and remediation.

Orkin Actizyme Floor & Drain Cleaner — Video Are you looking for a low-impact answer to grease and grime? Watch now to learn more about Orkin Actizyme™ Floor and Drain Cleaner, a professional cleaning solution that uses a unique blend of naturally occurring enzymes and beneficial bacteria to help break down even the toughest grease and grime in professional foodservice operations. Sanitation and Storage Quiz

Sanitation and proper storage techniques are critical to effective pest management. Orkin and NSF have created a fun learning quiz to help your staff identify potential trouble spots.

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Trends In Bed Bug Management, Monitoring and Treatment

The bed bug resurgence shows no signs of abating. From hotels to hospitals and apartments to offices, bed bugs have been known to establish themselves anywhere they can find a food supply and harborage. This has led the pest management industry to look for new, more effective methods to control them. We’ve summarized the latest findings.

  “8 Places to Check Out Before Pests Check In” Housekeeping Checklist Spanish/Russian

Where might pests be hiding in your hotel? Download Orkin’s “8 Places to Check Out Before Pests Check In” Housekeeping Checklist for tips on preventing pest infestations in the eight “hot spots” that pests frequent. Available in English, Spanish and Russian, the checklist is a great learning aide to share with your housekeeping staff.

Want to learn more about “five-star” pest control? For helpful resources or to request a free consultation today, visit fivestarlist.com

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Property Management

Pest Management for Diversified Portfolios

Property managers are being challenged by their clients to diversify their portfolios. If you find yourself in that position, it’s important that you hire a pest management provider who has the knowledge and expertise in a variety of industries – they would understand the operational differences between properties. Check out the top Integrated Pest Management concerns you should know from property managers in six different industries.

5 Ways To Prevent Pests In An Open Floor Plan

Densification of space is reshaping the commercial real estate landscape in more ways than many you might realize. In addition to effects impacts on rental income and expenses, property managers may also see an impact on pest pressure. Learn 5 ways to avoid pest problems in densified office spaces.

Pest Management Tips for Green Roofs

Green roofs are a growing trend in cities across the country. As sustainable construction continues to progress, understanding the pest control implications of vegetative roof systems will be key. Learn about how to help minimize pest threats on green roofs.

A Property Manager’s Guide to Choosing a Pest Management Provider

Looking for a pest management provider? Orkin, in partnership with the National Apartment Association, has developed this guide that identifies the key qualities to look for during your search, provides tips on building an effective relationship and establishes responsibilities to help you make your partnership as effective as possible.

Property Management Newsletter Content

Looking for content for your tenant or resident newsletters? Articles are available in text-only or rich text formats with photos. From green pest management to kitchen sanitation, these articles provide valuable information that applies to both office and apartment environments. Use this free content to educate your tenants or residents on important ways they can help prevent pests.

IPM and LEED Certification: A Property Manager’s Checklist

Increasingly, commercial properties are “going green” and obtaining LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. Use this resource to learn how pest control fits into LEED requirements and tips for obtaining pest control credits.

  Bed Bugs in the Office: Take ACTION!

Although many think the office is an unlikely place to find bed bugs, these pests are making their way to work. The ACTION resource provides property managers with important information about knowing the signs of bed bugs, communicating with tenants about the issue and remediation steps.

Bed Bugs: Don’t Let Them Bite Our Community Spanish

Presented by Orkin and the National Apartment Association Education Institute – bed bugs reproduce quickly, so it’s critical to detect and treat infestations early. Check out these tips on how to spot evidence of a budding bed bug problem in the apartment setting and what you can do to help stop it.

Multifamily Property Resident Education Tip Sheets

Residents are your most powerful weapon in the battle against pests. Even a little bit of improvement in their day-to-day behavior can go a long way toward helping to keep pests outside where they belong. Share these monthly tip sheets with your residents to get them thinking smarter about what they can do to help your pest management efforts.

Office Property Tenant Education Tip Sheet

Keeping pests out of the office is everyone’s responsibility. Share the following tips with your tenants about how they can help maintain a clean, pest-free office environment.

Green Pest Management: A Property Manager’s Checklist

How green is your building? If you haven’t thought about it, there’s no time like the present. Orkin and BOMA International teamed up to present this five-step checklist to be sure your pest management program is environmentally friendly.

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Orkin Junior Pest Investigators

Orkin is a proud presenter of Junior Pest Investigators, a series of free K-6 lesson plans that help kids and teachers discover environmentally friendly ways to prevent insects, bugs and rodents from entering our spaces and becoming pests. All materials meet national science standards.

School IPM 2015

Prepared by Thomas Green, Ph.D., of the IPM Institute of North America and Dawn Gouge, Ph.D., of the Department of Entomology at the University of Arizona, this online report outlines a strategic plan for implementing Integrated Pest Management in schools throughout the United States.

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