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Ancillary Pest Control Services to Consider for Your Business


Every workplace is different. From the quirks of your facility to the processes laid out for your staff, there are many variables that make your business unique. This goes for keeping your facility sanitary and secure, too. Your pest control provider should create a customized plan that addresses your specific day-to-day needs.

In many instances, there are certain unusual pests or unique issues that require special treatment methods that are not part of a standard pest control service. Many managers are relieved to find out they can often tackle a range of complications through ancillary services, or additional treatment options that complement an existing Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan.

Wondering if the foul odors from your dumpster can be eliminated? Considering professional disinfection for cold and flu season? Wanting to vanquish seasonal pests? These are just a few of the ancillary services that can help provide the best experience for your customers and staff. Read on for some popular services that might help serve your business.

In-Demand Ancillary Services From Orkin Commercial

Bed Bug Services:

Proactive monitoring, detection and treatment strategies help vulnerable environments—like hospitals and hotels—guard against bed bugs.

Bird and Wildlife Control:

Have an outside problem inside? Habitat modification techniques and exclusion methods can help prevent the disease and damage of bird infestations. Wildlife management services relocate or remove squirrels, raccoons, opossums, snakes and more. For details regarding Orkin’s Wildlife Control service and to find out if it is available in your area, contact Orkin today.

Disinfectant Cleaning Services:

Professional disinfectant cleaning solutions better protect your workplace throughout the year and especially during cold and flu season. Orkin’s VitalClean® service uses a powerful disinfecting treatment to help remove serious pathogens—including viruses that cause the flu, common cold and COVID-19.

Exclusion Services:

Preemptive closure of entry points—including doors, windows, gaps, holes and cracks—help prevent pests from entering your facility. Download our free Exclusion Basics guidebook for a breakdown of exclusion best practices for your business, and learn more about the three big benefits of exclusion.

Floor & Drain Cleaning:

Professional-grade cleaning products tackle gnarly oil, grease and waste buildup. The Orkin Actizyme® system uses naturally occurring bacteria and enzymes to safely dissolve even the stickiest, greasiest buildup from floors, drainpipes and equipment—all in an environmentally conscious way.

Fly Control:

Light traps, baits and other treatments can help stop flies from spreading their bacteria and annoying your clientele.

Mosquito Control:

Targeted suppression measures help keep mosquitoes from building up populations—a vital measure for protecting customers and their outdoor experiences. Orkin Eclipse™ uses novel technology and green ingredients to effectively reduce Aedes mosquito populations by using the mosquito itself to help spread treatment to potential breeding areas.

Odor Control & Scent Services:

Odor-neutralizing maintenance and products help solve persistently smelly dumpsters, drains and restrooms. Orkin Scent Services now offers two new products, AirRemedy™ and AirSpa™, that provide odor elimination and dispense fragrances to keep your facility smelling fresh and clean.

Rodent Control:

While rodent control is a part of Orkin’s core pest control program, heavy infestations may require additional, specialized services. Download RATS! A Guide to Avoiding Rodents at Your Business for more tips on how to help keep these nuisance pests out of your facility.

Staff Training:

Preventing and reporting pests can be a team effort after your staff has been trained by an experienced pest control partner. Download our free Staff Training Checklist to learn how to make your team part of the pest control solution.

Termite Control:

A variety of targeted controls help ensure that your business doesn’t suffer from termite damage.

Remember, ancillary services are helpful, but some are necessary for industries that demand clean, sanitary environments. Other factors—such as your area of service or level of customer interaction—may also affect which product or treatment will work for you. When creating or maintaining an IPM plan, an Orkin Pro can also suggest which ancillary service you might consider to help gain the very best results.

For a comprehensive guide to building a pest control program tailored to your business and industry, download your free Commercial Pest Control Guidebook. Contact Orkin today to schedule a complimentary inspection of your facility and determine if there are supplemental services you should consider for your business.

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