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Moffitt Cancer Center and Orkin

Located in Tampa, Fla., Moffi tt Cancer Center is one of only 45 National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers, a distinction that recognizes Moffi tt’s excellence in research and its contributions to clinical trials, prevention and cancer control.

Given the challenges pests can present in the sensitive healthcare environment, it’s no surprise that pest management is a key focus for this nationally-ranked facility. That’s why Moffitt has partnered with Orkin since 2011 to help keep pests out. This partnership has led them to become the fourth customer to be entered into the IPM Partner Awards Hall of Fame, a significant honor bestowed upon Orkin customers who have received the IPM Partner Award at least three times. Co-presented by Orkin, The IPM Institute of North America and the Association for the Healthcare Environment, the IPM Partner Awards recognize customers for their dedication to Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

We spoke with Director of Environmental Services LaWanda Courtney to learn more about Moffi tt’s pest management program success. Here is an edited transcription of that interview.

What makes your program award-winning?

We were honored to be inducted into the IPM Partner Awards Hall of Fame this year, and our collaboration with Orkin is key to this achievement. As a nationally-ranked cancer treatment center, we are committed to giving our patients a superior experience, and minimizing pest pressures is part of that effort. Orkin helps us deliver a cleaner, safer environment so that our doctors and nurses can focus on delivering top-notch care to each patient.

Why is Integrated Pest Management (IPM) so important to your facility?

We are always looking for patient-friendly and environmentally responsible methods of managing pest activity – IPM allows us to meet those needs. Some of our patients are critically ill and have sensitivities that require us to think outside the box in terms of pest management. Orkin works with us to assess each situation before implementing any plans of action, and each step is customized to the level of pest activity, species and even what stage of life the pest is in. It’s safe to say that we’ve learned a lot from partnering with Orkin over the years.

What aspects of Orkin’s service are the most important to you?

Orkin provides us with the tools and resources necessary to maintain our facility. We have a policy of full transparency with our employees, so we also love the way Orkin works directly with our staff and educates them on pest pressures. In fact, our Orkin team lends its expertise during training sessions created specifically for our staff. Since partnering with Orkin, we’ve seen an increase in employee awareness and engagement

How would you describe your relationship with Orkin?

Our relationship with Orkin is built on mutual respect and open communication. We can always rely on Orkin – and that’s most valuable to us. When a nearby facility was on the news for a rat infestation, Orkin brought this to our attention immediately. They led the efforts to monitor for activity, identify access points and seal them off. We were successful in keeping rats out by getting ahead of the situation and acting proactively. This is just one of many examples when Orkin has been actively engaged in what we do and has helped protect our hospital. They understand our dedication to quality and safety, as well as the unique challenges that we face in the healthcare environment. That makes our Orkin team invaluable to us.


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