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Silva Bakery

Silva Bakery Keeps Flavor In and Pests Out

Located in Hayward, Calif., Silva Bakery is a family-owned Portuguese bakery known for its artisanal breads, sweet and savory pastries and specialty foods. From sweet bread and custard tarts to linguiça wraps, Silva Bakery is committed to bringing authentic Portuguese flavor to the Bay Area communities.

Unfortunately, customers aren’t the only ones enticed by the delicious smell of fresh baked goods. Pests will try to gain access to any area offering what it needs to survive – shelter, food, water and warmth. With high quality products and an inviting environment for customers, Silva Bakery decided to partner with Orkin. Owner Alvaro Silva tells us more about why he chose Orkin and how the decision has benefitted his business. Below is an edited transcription of that interview.

Why did you choose to partner with Orkin?

“We had another pest management provider who only covered the basics. We decided to consider other options for tackling the job and became discouraged when other providers also didn’t have the services we were looking for. Finally, Orkin came to mind. We’d heard good things from neighboring businesses and I decided to give them a call when I saw the Orkin truck on my way home. They came out right away, and we were impressed with how knowledgeable and confident they were about protecting my bakery from pests.”

Why is pest management crucial for your business?

“You never want to lose a customer. Their loyalty and our reputation is a driving factor for our continued success. In the foodservice industry, any sort of contamination is unacceptable and loss of product due to pest activity is very expensive.”

What aspects of Orkin’s service are the most important to you?

“It was easy getting set up with Orkin. They were professional and had good recommendations from the start. Because our restaurant was already clean and well-maintained, Orkin’s recommendations were easy to implement.

Now I can focus on my business and what I love to do. I don’t have to worry about pests at all. Orkin handles everything and keeps me updated.”

Were there any pest challenges that Orkin helped you resolve?

“Yes, we called Orkin because we were concerned about crawling pests finding their way inside the restaurant. Orkin recommended we install door sweeps and set up traps to reinforce the perimeter to help reassure us and prevent pests from getting inside.”


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