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Primary Health

Keys to Successful Pest Management in the Health Care Industry.

The Primary Health Network provides quality primary care services and access to specialty care in the communities it serves through 33 health centers in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Primary Health Network is a leader among health centers through its commitment to developing innovative programs, new technologies and excellent facilities.

When searching for a pest management partner, Primary Health searched for a company with the same commitment to innovation, technology and reliability. Mark Marriott, Primary Health’s facilities administrator, shared why Primary Health chose Orkin.

What makes pest management a priority in your offices?

We have to have a clean atmosphere. We know pests can transmit germs and diseases, so our pest management is a top priority. We chose Orkin because of their reputation for being consistent and reliable, and that’s exactly what we were looking for.

How does Orkin work with your staff to manage pests?

Orkin is great about accommodating our hours of practice and working around our staff’s schedules. Their service is fast and thorough, and they are always available when you need them. They are the most reliable pest management company we’ve ever worked with.

How would you describe your partnership with Orkin?

It’s a friendship. Brian Clark, our account manager, is always there when we need him and genuinely cares about our practice. Every time he and his team enter one of our sites, whether it’s giving us suggestions on pest prevention or helping prepare for an inspection, they go above and beyond in their service.

Tips for Starting a New Pest Management Partnership

  • Provide your new pest management provider with all previous audit documentation, observations and results.

  • Conduct a full inspection and walkthrough of your facility.

  • How knowledgeable are the Pros about your audit needs?

  • Work together to establish a customized pest management plan.

  • Ask your new provider for a training session for your staff, including educational resources to aid in the training process.


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