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Amboy Schools

Staying Inside the Lines: Orkin and Amboy Community School District Keep Pests Out of the Picture

For Illinois school districts, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) isn’t just a suggestion, it’s the law. In 2000, Illinois chose to support stricter school pest management when the state passed a law requiring each school to adopt and implement an IPM program. Amboy Community School District in Amboy, Ill., partnered with Orkin to establish a proactive IPM program that focuses on preventive solutions before turning to chemical applications.

Director of Maintenance Al Groll can now breathe easy knowing he’s not only meeting Illinois Public Act 91-0525, but he’s also helping protect Amboy’s children from pests. Orkin spoke with Al about the importance of a pest management partnership that meets and exceeds state guidelines and encourages preventive practices. Following is an edited transcription of that interview.

Why is Integrated Pest Management important to your school district?

“Integrated Pest Management is vital to our success and, ultimately, required by state law. With Orkin’s help, our IPM program exceeds our pest management requirements and allows each of our three schools – Amboy Central Elementary, Amboy Junior High and Amboy High – to manage problem areas proactively, which has been an effective approach.”

Why did you choose Orkin as your partner in pest management?

“We chose Orkin for a lot of reasons, starting with their well-known name and long history in the pest control business, but we also liked the fact that Orkin has a lot of experience serving schools like ours. The details of their IPM service met all of our needs, and we especially liked their focus on non-chemical prevention and detailed service documentation. We are thankful to have a partner in pest management who is just as concerned about the health of our children as we are.”

How does Orkin work with you and your staff?

“Our Orkin Commercial Pest Specialist visits us on a monthly basis to perform a thorough inspection. When he’s here, he works closely with my staff so everyone is on the same page and can share information right away. After each service, our Pest Specialist provides us with a detailed service report, and sometimes additional reports, that give us an ongoing account of our overall pest situation so we’re prepared to address any issues.”

What results have you seen from your partnership with Orkin?

“Overall we’ve had fewer pest problems since starting with Orkin – that’s the most telling result. Our staff plays a more active role in pest management, and our teachers have even noticed an improvement. Not only does our Orkin Pest Specialist work closely with us, our local Orkin Branch Manager is also involved in our program. I feel prepared knowing we have a strong team behind us. Our Branch Manager comes up with solutions and our Pest Specialist does a great job implementing them. I am always reassured any issues are taken care of in great detail.”


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