Paramount Lakeside Inn & Suites

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Paramount%20Lakeside%20Inn%20%26%20Suites Testimonial%20Letter

Paramount Lakeside Inn & Suites is a privately-owned hotel with nearly 180 rooms. The hotel is situated on four acres of land overlooking Lake Parker in Lakeland, Florida. One year after becoming an Orkin customer, General Manager Nathan Manasco writes the following letter of recommendation after experiencing the Orkin difference first hand.

To whom it may concern

I am writing to recommend the services of Orkin Pest Control. Orkin has been providing pest control services for our property for roughly one year as of the date this letter was composed. Our business operates a privately-owned hotel, with nearly 180 units available for rent to the public. Since my time in the position of general manager, I have contracted multiple pest control companies, including some of Orkin’s top competitors. The level of professionalism and expertise is unparalleled by any service providers I have previously used. As you probably can imagine, pests can cause great problems within a hospitality-based business, as well as many other kinds of businesses, but Orkin provides us with the confidence that we will not have to deal with these kinds of issues and relieves us of the stress that can be caused by loss of profits.

I would highly recommend the services of Orkin Pest Control to any business looking for a company to handle their pest control needs, as well as any family or friends looking for residential service.

In my opinion, with the difference in loss of profits associated with hiring competing companies, Orkin’s services have paid for themselves over the course of a year, and I will continue to use Orkin’s pest control services for the duration of my career within this company.


Nathan Manasco

General Manager