Bed Bugs in Hotels

Bed Bug in Hotel

Question: Why are hotels such a common place for bed bugs to turn up?

Answer: Because they only feed on blood, bed bugs are attracted to any place where they can find a meal quickly and easily. They also are known to hitchhike in luggage and personal belongings, which is why they are often found in hotels traveling from room to room for feeding. Additionally, hotels experience a high turnover, so guests are constantly coming in and out of rooms, making expert treatments a necessary part of an effective pest control plan.

However, bed bugs are not strictly limited to hotels—they can infest offices, stores, airplanes, movie theatres, gyms and more. And contrary to popular belief, bed bug infestations are not a result of poor housekeeping or sanitation, so ongoing monitoring and maintenance visits are essential to help protect your property from these silent intruders.


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Bed Bugs in Hotels

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