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Petco and Orkin – A Multi-Facility Partnership

Award-Winning Pest Control for a Leading Pet Specialty Retailer.

As a leading specialty retailer of premium pet food, supplies, services and companion animals, Petco places a strong focus on nurturing powerful relationships between people and pets. In fact, the company is guided by their vision: “Healthier Pets. Happier People. Better Lives.” In pursuit of this vision, Petco joined forces with Orkin in 2008 to bolster its strong emphasis on food safety in its distribution centers.

Petco Distribution Centers (DC) #300 and #528, located in Stockton, Calif. and Mira Loma, Calif. respectively, are two of 10 distribution centers in the United States. Through Orkin’s Food Safety Precision Protection™ program, both facilities have built outstanding Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs, an accomplishment that has earned each facilities two IPM Partner Awards, co-presented by Orkin, The IPM Institute of North America and NSF International.

To learn more about the two facilities’ pest management success, we spoke with Petco Senior Compliance Manager Israel Ramos. Here is an edited transcription of that interview:

Describe Petco’s partnership with Orkin

Over the years, Petco’s food safety team has worked with Orkin to build a partnership that focuses on the pest pressures our distribution centers face as food storage facilities, while also maintaining the flexibility to address regional pest pressures. The regionalization of each facility’s program is key to our success. Orkin’s local teams understand regional pest pressures and incorporate that knowledge into the protocols used at each of our facilities.

Why are these two facilities deserving of IPM Partner Awards?

The teams at DC #300 and #528 have demonstrated excellence with regard to pest management, and food safety as a whole. The partnerships at both facilities have allowed us to stay proactive in preventing pest issues that could impact our customers and our brand. Working with Orkin, we have strengthened and enhanced our food safety program by integrating sanitation, inspection and prevention tactics.

Why is IPM so critical to Petco’s business?

Our business is dedicated to providing safe products to our customers. Because our distribution centers store high-quality pet food, which can easily attract pests, it is critical for us to take Orkin’s advice on IPM best practices and new advancements to continue providing highquality pet food and make sure our customers are happy.

How does each partner contribute to the pest management efforts at each facility?

Our relationship with Orkin continues to grow and expand. Our Orkin teams are always willing and ready to work with our food safety teams across the country to teach and implement new techniques that are more effective and environmentally responsible. In fact, we are involved in monthly calls with all the Petco distribution centers and their Orkin teams in order to stay up to date on pest-related issues around the country.


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