Strater Hotel

Strater Hotel and Orkin Send Unwanted “Guests” Packing

As one of Durango, Colorado's most prominent downtown landmarks, the historic Strater Hotel is known for world-class accommodations and hospitality. In addition to nearly 100 guest rooms, the establishment contains several lounges, conference rooms, bars, restaurants and the world-renowned Henry Strater Theatre. With so many amenities, the property contains many areas that could be prone to pests. That’s why Strater Hotel partners with Orkin Commercial Services to ensure that its pest management program runs smoothly.

For more than 40 years, Strater Hotel has turned to Orkin to help make sure their guests have a comfortable lodging experience. According to Strater Hotel Maintenance Manager Gary Witt, the relationship allows the hotel staff to concentrate solely on fulfilling its mission to deliver five-star customer service.

Orkin spoke with Gary about the importance of effective pest management in a hospitality setting. Following is an edited transcription of that interview.

Why is pest management so important to your hotel?

“The Strater Hotel has a very high standard for guest comfort, and we try to do everything we can to keep pests out of our establishment. Since we’re regulated by the state health department, pests are a concern that we simply can’t afford and won’t tolerate.”

Why did Strater Hotel choose to partner with Orkin for pest management service?

“We needed effective and reliable service, and Orkin delivered – and continues to. We count on our provider to be low-maintenance, so we have one less thing to worry about. Orkin doesn’t have to be called or reminded to do their job well. Our Orkin Commercial Pest Specialist visits the property regularly and helps prevent pest problems before they start. He also keeps me informed, giving me a full report after each service visit.”

How does Orkin help you to stay on track with your pest management program?

“Since guests, staff members and shipments are coming in and out of our property around the clock, it can be challenging to prevent pest access. Our Pest Specialist keeps rodents and insects out using multiple methods. He knows the parts of our establishment that are most prone to infestations, such as around entrances and loading areas, and he gives these areas special attention.”

How does Orkin address pest issues that arise in and around your hotel?

“Rodents are an issue in this part of the country, and with so much foot traffic through our multiple entrances, they have many opportunities to access the hotel. Orkin addresses this issue with proactive methods such as traps, which keep rodents out. Our Pest Specialist monitors the traps and keeps me keeps me well informed. During my time at the Strater Hotel, I have always been pleased with their service.”

What has been the overall impact of your partnership with Orkin?

“The benefit of working with Orkin is that it allows our staff to concentrate on maintaining a superior lodging experience. They are competent, detail-oriented and reasonably priced. Overall, Orkin is doing a great job.”


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