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Top 4 Flies Found in Food Processing Facilities

Fly Infestation In A Bread Factory

Flies are no big deal, right? They’re only about 1/4 of an inch and you can just simply swat them away if they become a nuisance. But actually, a fly sighting in your facility usually means there’s a bigger problem—not something you can just swat away. They carry a wide variety disease and if you’re not careful, a fly infestation could become a serious threat to your business.

The first step to stopping these small but mighty pests is to know what types of flies pose a threat to your food processing facility (to learn all the foul facts about the fly species that could invade your facility, download our free guide, No Fly Zone: Fly Prevention for Food Processors).

With all the things a fly could need—unlimited food, water and shelter—right inside your facility, it’s no surprise that most fly species choose food processing facilities for all of their scavenging needs.

Here’s a rundown of the four most common flies you should look out for:

  • House flies can usually be found and will slurp up whatever food waste they can find.

  • Vinegar or fruit flies love to hover wherever organic materials are decaying – especially if they’re producing yeast in the process.

  • Drain flies can be in, well, drains and also love the decomposing, organic material found in dumpster shoots and wet processing equipment.

  • Phorid flies are usually seen scuttling rapidly across surfaces laden with decaying fruits and vegetables, rotting meat, sewage and feces.

Identifying the type of fly you’re dealing with is half the battle – different flies have different preferences for food and breeding sites. And since each fly requires specific treatment, you’ll want to work with a pest management professional to handle the issue correctly.

For even more about how these flies, download our free guide No Fly Zone: Fly Prevention for Food Processors.


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