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How a Longer Mosquito Season Affects Businesses Nationwide


Mosquitoes are bad for business. Between spreading diseases and harming your bottom line, there are many reasons to help keep mosquitoes away from your property. If you can stay ahead of these pests, it will pay off in the long run — especially amid the lengthening mosquito season nationwide.

More Than Just a Summer Pest

Once thought of as a persistent summer pest, businesses seem to be battling mosquitoes longer and longer each year. Data shows evidence of a modest rise in temperature and humidity across the country over the past few decades. As these climate trends continue, this lengthens the season for mosquito activity, allowing them to lay more eggs and increase their populations. This means that, in many areas, the threat of mosquitoes comes earlier in the spring and lingers longer into the fall.

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The Impact of a Wet Climate

April showers bring more than just May flowers. If you’re located in a wet climate, are near bodies of water or have water features on-site, you have a greater chance of seeing a heavy mosquito population around your property.

If your business is on the East Coast or in the Southeast U.S., you should also consider the Atlantic hurricane season, which typically runs from June to November. The warm weather that a hurricane can bring, coupled with the extra standing water it leaves behind, is the perfect storm for a mosquito infestation. Don’t forget that protecting staff and customers from disease-carrying mosquitoes is a necessary addition to your extreme weather checklist.

Prime Mosquito Breeding Conditions

All mosquitoes thrive in warm, humid conditions with access to water. Of the four stages of a mosquito’s life cycle, the first three — egg, larval and pupal — all require submersion in water for development. The warmer the weather, the faster mosquitoes develop to lay more eggs and repeat the cycle.

Strike First This Mosquito Season

You can help control mosquitoes before they have a chance to infest your property and harass your employees and customers. This is the year to partner with Orkin® and make professional mosquito control part of your annual pest control routine.

Orkin’s comprehensive mosquito control services provide customized solutions tailored to the mosquito habitats and species our Orkin Pros™ may find during your free inspection, including:

  • Traditional, targeted services including mechanical control, chemical treatments and ongoing monitoring and maintenance. Recommendations on habitat modification and exclusion methods can also be made.

  • Orkin Eclipse™, an environmentally conscious pest control treatment targeting the most disease-spreading mosquito species.

Your well-trained Orkin Pro can show you preventive measures you can implement to make your facility less appealing to mosquitoes. Check out our new ebook, “Mosquitoes 101: Your Complete Guide to Mosquito Control for Your Business” for more practical tips for your business. Learn more about our mosquito services and product offerings or schedule a free inspection.

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