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Top Apartment Amenities Might Also Attract Pests

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As a property manager, you know exactly what it takes to attract today’s renter. They want ample parking, a refreshing pool, an equipment-packed fitness center, secure access and community-wide recycling. The 2015 National Multifamily Housing Council and Kingsley Apartment Resident Preferences Survey confirms what you know – those are the top 5 desired amenities by apartment renters.

With 1.6 million more renters today than five years ago, it’s important to offer the features that will fill your units. But did you know that most of those amenities also can attract pests? Everything except key card access can be places where bugs congregate, multiply and cause your renters (and your reputation) trouble. So how do you make sure that what attracts your renters doesn’t also lure in pests?

Top Apartment Community Amenities

Follow these tips to help prevent pest activity at your property’s amenities:

  • Frequently inspect exterior areas such as the parking lot, pool and recycling areas for potential pest attractants like harborage and food debris, and evidence of their presence.

  • Eliminate all standing water and excess moisture, especially near the pool, recycling area and inside the fitness center.

  • Create a sanitation schedule for amenity areas that includes cleaning hard-to-reach places, such as behind and under fitness equipment and vending machines.

  • Ensure your recycling management vendor abides by the set pick-up schedule so clutter does not build up over time. Also encourage your residents to rinse cans and bottles prior to dropping them off for recycling to reduce residue and odors that can attract pests.


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